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Jul 27 2017 Anchor

Hey guys,

I was wondering with you could help us provide us with some fact or maybe point in the right direction about statics about Console vs computer.

It can be everything – like how many xbox and playstation is there? Is it easier to get into the console marked etc.

I reason we will like this information is, the originally intended for computer but it has potential for console games. It will a LAN multiplayer / single player games. There will be splitscreen on Console but not on Computer, so there is some extra work, we have to but in it.

So, we want to know if it was worth to wait 1 to 2 extra month to release the game for Console?

thank in advance

Jul 27 2017 Anchor

if you have a console license make a small game or a demo of your game and release it there, you gain more precise info about that market and get better feedback.

Jul 28 2017 Anchor

hey Vfn4i83,

Thanks for the answer, It was an approach we thought about trying anyway :)

Sep 22 2017 Anchor

Hi there, I used to prefer computer for playing games rather than console.

Nov 8 2017 Anchor

I play with both Console and PC, but I preffer Console, I dont know why , but I do

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