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Oct 9 2017 Anchor

Hi, my name is Sergiy svintsytskyy and I am currently planning on making a Metroidvania-platformer. I already started to develop sprites and the general outline of the story for this proposed game. The game is planned to have a Blade-Runner vibe to it, having grimy visuals and gruesome undertones. It will be story based, and will take about 10 hours to complete even if rushed. The story revolves around an Enforcer (Enforcer being a Rank and name for cybernetic beings) named Amber, who is sent to investigate reports of suspicious activity in a crime-ridden city. The game will have many unique elements to it, one of which (Which was inspired by a feature from "Watch Dogs"), being the ability to scan NPCs, and view their crime histories, background, etc.

I need to know if this sounds like a good idea. Please do take a vote. If at least 500 people select "Yes", then I will set up a kickstarter. I have a group of 3 people who are willing to make this game, so all that is needed is funding. If people are indeed, interested in this project, then we should have no problem pushing it out and stationing it on steam...

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Oct 10 2017 Anchor

Hmm.... I can't vote since none of the options suit me.

OTOH, you might need to describe the basic features of this game more. Okay you mention metroidvania so I can assume Amber can jump but what other basic thing can he/she do? shoot or slash? climb walls? push blocks?

Nov 21 2017 Anchor

Agree with DarkBloodbane you need to describe it more , what those unique feutures will, what feutures it will be to stand out of other Metroidmania clones?

Nov 27 2017 Anchor

I think posting some level/gameplay concepts would help us visualize the game far better, even if they're very rough.

Nov 29 2017 Anchor

Thing is people dont like to donate for air - there is no reason to donate when we dont see what you have in your head

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