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Jul 19 2014 Anchor

I just made my first news post and was wondering how you show a larger version of an image. I got the embed code from an image in my gallery. I can see the link is referencing my image along with the following: "thumb_300_150". Can I choose a larger thumbnail somehow?

Jul 19 2014 Anchor

There are two embed options for large pictures: Embed and Embed (Big), the latter gives you 620px wide "thumbnail" (you can further resize it by changing the html code / width of the "thumbnail" using the HTML Source Editor when editing news). Very small images have only Embed option.

Also to note, the news inner space is exactly 600px wide and the whole space up to borders is 620px wide so you can have one large 600px image or two 300px images (without any spaces between them) embedded in it.

Jul 19 2014 Anchor

OK, thanks feillyne. I used the source of my large image and just added a width="600" attribute to the img tag. Is that what you were suggesting?

Jul 23 2014 Anchor

Not exactly, just mentioning it for the record. More important is having your news frontpaged.

If you'd like your article featured on the front page, it should have at least 3-4 images (or 1 video for example) and be written like a dev blog (long enough; one liners with 3-4 pictures won't do unfortunately).

Jul 23 2014 Anchor

OK. I appreciate the tips. Thanks!

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