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Sep 25 2013 Anchor


I read the book by Michael Moorcock as a teenager, yet I keep remembering how much I liked most of it. (Back then, I bought it for its coool cover)
I assume it would make an epic game and wonder, why nobody tried, yet. So, does anyone know why nobody touched this subject matter yet? I read some time ago that the rights were bought by several studios (film) in the past, so it might be difficult to license the game. BUT man, this could really be epic ^^

I'd really like to discuss the option of making the game or seing to getting it made (e.g. petition to Bethesda, CD Project Red, or Gas Powered Games). All kinds of pretty weird subjects (like Dante) have been turned into games and here is a near perfect source material that would "only" need following most of the book and turning it into a slayer game RPG. It's full of awesome potential, just like Game of Thrones, just like the Witcher. Perhaps better than both of them.

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