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Feb 9 2018 Anchor

Good day to you!

I would like to introduce you to a very new game called eDominations.
The game is based primarily on the political, economic and military modules.

Take any role in the country and climb to victory and glory in eWorld.
Becoming a politician, and with the help of the economy and smart politics, establish a monopoly on the planet, and for all hungry of fights, there is a warfare, which, of course, requires a good leader whose military unit leads to new victories in their own or the state's interest. But the game did not forget all those with an artistic vein. Create your own magazine and have fun with e-readers or simply create a propaganda machine that definitely comes in handy in fulfilling different goals.

The game consists of 78 countries from all over the world and from all continents and is also translated into several languages.

Everyone has the chance to climb! Why!
The game is created in such a way that it makes it possible for all players, even those who are not interested in the money investments in the game, and this is precisely the charm of this game, unlike other games of the same kind.

The game will give you an extraordinary gaming experience and a very open community.
Let me not forget to mention the fact that moderators and administrators are very open to various tips and improvements because they aim to spoil the community and give it something new.

"The only true world is the world you create yourself, so join eWorld and help us conquer the world!"

The game is so good that it is definitely worth to give it a shot. It has really friendly community and you are all invited to taste it a bit


Okay enough with the presentation. Now I have a question for you guys:

What do you think about games like this? Simulations of a real life, politics, military moves etc. etc. Set in an online environment.
I am gathering some opinions from different parts of a world and I would really appreciate some answers here.


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