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Jun 24 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone, and this is my first post here at IndieDB. I am a student of game programming and I just wanted to post a game that I have been making for a school project. I am posting looking for feedback, comments, suggestions, rude remarks, anything really.

The game is (another) 2D platformer with a twist. My twist for this game is that it features local co-op. When playing in 2 player mode, the game maps change slightly, adding new puzzles and enemies that require co-operation between players to complete them.

The game can be played either with a keyboard or with an XInput gamepad. The game has a flexible input control class which I plan to use to allow custom control set ups, but at this time the menu system for it isn't completed. The menu system is also very basic still but is mostly functional.

In game, there are still several bugs I am working through, mostly due to the physics system which I will probably be redoing from scratch in the near future ("iterative design"). However, the game play itself is mostly intact and playable.

For those interested, I made the game from scratch using XNA starting about six months ago. I have three separate project, one for the game, one for a level editor, and one for the tile engine. With a few tweaks I should be able to publish my game to Xbox 360 indie games, but I doubt I will do that, since my game isn't that great, and by the time I get done with it Xbox One will probably be out.

Unfortunately, at this point I have not yet taken any network coding classes and I don't have online multi-player in the game, but it is something that I will add if I am still working on this project when I do.

Anyway, the current build for my game can be found at my blog. I try to keep a link to my latest published build at the top right corner. For controls, on keyboard, the arrow keys control the character, space is jump, left ctrl is shoot, and left shift is shield for Tom (red). On controller, the D-Pad moves the character, A is jump, X is shoot, and B is Tom's shield.

Unforunately, since I am a new member it won't let me post direct links, but the blog can be found at nathangsp*dot*blogspot*dot*com

EDIT: Its in my signature :)

I just posted an update to the game. I finished the second level of the game and polished several areas.

Also, for anyone viewing this, would I be better off posting the game to the database here? This is my first time doing this, and the lack of feedback leaves me feeling like I am probably doing something wrong.

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