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Apr 11 2010 Anchor
using the zdoom/gzdoom engine (acs /decorate), and
transform the first person view to a 3 person 2d platfom (well, the
maps are in 3d), and the dk resources( sprites, music, sounds,etc), the
"DD TEAM" (Doomero and Doomfiend) presents "Donkey Kong Country"


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actualy this is my most dificult wad for to do, lot of scripts and
decorate for make all works fine, about the mod, you can play as donkey
or diddy like the first dk game, defeating the kremlings from the 3
games (actualy, the enemies are from dk1, dk2 and dk3), nice music from
the 3 games (the most populars), textures and new levels, this make the
diference about make "the same" of the snes version. The idea is make
new and hard levels and a good and funny gameplay, we have intention of
upload a demo, not soon, but is a done...about the gzdoom version, i use
the version 1.3.17 but i tested on the latest version and i guess
exist a problem with a line of the map, the most strange the gzdoom
1.3.17 doesnt happen that, well for the moment we decided 1.3.17

progress (full): 5%
progress (demo): 40%

thanks: Roack16 (a old member), Demmon Breack Master.

Apr 12 2010 Anchor

Ahaha this is awesome! great work!

Jul 3 2010 Anchor

Wow, can't say I would have ever guessed that someone was creating a Donkey Kong fan game with the Doom engine. Then I again 2 months ago I thought the same thing about Sonic the Hedgehog until I found Sonic Robo Blast 2.

Looks pretty impressive at the moment, keep up the great work!

Jul 19 2010 Anchor

hehe thanks, also i am working and add more features, like acuatic levels, and weels.....

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