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Oct 20 2017 Anchor


I am new here, I am a developer and I was hoping to get some feedback as to how to best utilize Indie DB, to gain the best experience.


Nov 14 2017 Anchor

Hi, this question was actually already answered in a PM to the developer, still, seems worth listing the ways on public forums:

The most effective ways

  • Getting your news article headlined: usually a one-time only chance, or once in a few months
  • Linking your news and files to community groups when submitting them, for instance (NOT development groups, /company groups or anyone else's games) using the Linking Section at the bottom of news or file submission form (the right hand side shows what pages are active)
  • Adding new screenshots, renders, artwork, videos and audio snippets (mp3 files can be uploaded using your Videos section) to your game profile often, bumping it on the Games listing once every 24 hours only
  • Customising your profile look, like and sending your custom CSS code to one of the admins to overwrite the standard theme code

Moderately effective ways

  • Submitting featurable, media-rich news articles to your game profile that are featured (authorised) yet are not headlined or linked to any community groups, which misses some of the potential popularity or notoriety
  • Participating in the community to gain followers and indirect exposure that way

The least effective ways

  • Adding images and videos to your personal member profile,, unless you are known on the site and have member profile followers, your member gallery otherwise could be used for temporary or helper buttons, logos, etc. (you can use Media Repo too
  • Adding medialess articles which are to be archived because of quality (no media embedded), unless you have hundreds of followers of your game profile, as archived posts tend to be good as quick "local" news pieces

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Jan 7 2020 Anchor

i don't know much about these forums, but here is something i have been playing for over 10 years, and it's still a challenge after all these years. enjoy PEACE !!!THE LAST BEFORE SIGMA">SHOT 3

Feb 1 2020 Anchor

here's an update to my latest. just extract and play.

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