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May 5 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone, well im looking for a team, to help build a Sonic The Hedgehog fan game.
This game will be running BLENDER GAME ENGINE. Heres a list of people we would need.

Note: Roles with stars(*) mean their taken.

Level designer: This role will have the part as designing the levels. This role is very important, we will need someone thats availible.
Character modeler: Who can texture, rig and animate models. (Not many characters)
(*)sound composer: someone with the music and sounds.
(*)Storyboard: Someone who makes the purpose for the this whole project. (I have this job)
(*)Game tester: Some who test it out and make sure everything is ok and correctly in position. (Many people will have this job)
(*)prodject leader:Someone who makes sure the whole team is cooperating with each other. ( I have this role)
We can communicate anyway possible. If this goes well, and if its possible, we will port this to consoles but they would have to download this else where.
Anyone who doesnt cooperate correctly will get kicked. I dont want this to be another "Sonic Xtreme". This game will be for Windows and mac right when it comes out. every help is needed. If you have any questions Private message me or email me at Thank you.

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