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Oct 9 2013 Anchor

I am putting the final touches on my custom theme (for my personal use), it doesn't change how desura looks, instead it changes functionality.

What I have completed:
1)I have added a Genre column, which is populated from a text file named "genre" in your theme folder
2)I have added a the ability to hide games I don't wish to see via a comma delimited list of game id's in a text file named "hidden" also in your theme html folder
3)All of my javascript relies on using dictionaries, so when the program loads, I get all the information from those files and parse them, then save the data in a couple dictionaries to look up at a later time, it doesn't seem to run slow, and the game filtering only seems to happen when you load the page, so it isn't a heavy hit
4)Added a feature to right-click items and add their ID to a comma delimited list on the same page (unfortunately I am restricted in this regard and i can't add it directly)
5)Added a feature to obtain the rendered source code of the games list page

What I have started:
I am working on adding groups (like the favorites do, but one for each genre)

What I would like to do:
1) Add a pop-up absolute div to make it easier to render source information or allow use to easily copy his list of id's (which currently is just added to to body's source code) I would use jquery, but I couldn't seem to make it respond, but it could just be because of where I was attempting it.
2) Create a script to generate a list of genre's from the desura website

I am not sure, is it possible to copy items to the clip board with theme bindings, I can't find it if so.
I was also looking to see if you can add a tab, like "Games" or "Favorites", but I didn't see a way.
Anyone know what engine the desura client web browser is?

Anyone Interested?

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Oct 10 2013 Anchor

I was not aware Desura was oepn source? How are you accessing the code to change it?


Someone wrote: Her?

Oct 10 2013 Anchor

the part that loads the games list uses a browser based interface, so in the theme, I can add javascript, with the javascript, I can add new features, although I am limited, if they gave me binding functions to use the sqlite databases, I would be able to do a lot more.

that and it would be nice if they allowed me add "tabs" like favorites and games (as stated above).

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