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May 13 2014 Anchor

Hello Everyone!

I'm currently working on a simple game in UE4 that allows you to shoot hoops with a basic point-and-click interface. Below is a video of what I have been working on so far. You can see a series of WIP videos from when I started the project on my channel.

I'm currently coding a simpler method of doing menu interaction in UE4 and will be working on that for another few weeks. What I need help with is ideas for different environments and game modes for my game. I have the skill to code and get the core mechanics of my game working, but I need help with envisioning some different levels. I'm thinking something like a jungle level, space level, etc... As well as different mechanics for moving hoops, perspective and lighting changes, etc...

If you feel you may be able to help me out with some concept artwork, or just have some crazy ideas that you think could be cool to incorporate, I would love to hear people's input.

-Phil M.

May 14 2014 Anchor

Glad to see a UE4 person on here!

I love using UE4, though my computer is soo slow with it. Was gonna mess around with a game idea as well. :)

Awesome work, keep it up!


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