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Feb 14 2013 Anchor

I'm an artist and designer and I'm currently looking for freelance and commision work which I can do on the weekend. I'm not expecting pay, I just want to get practice.

My expectation is to produce work that could be accomplished in a couple hours every other week when I have time available. If you're looking for art or graphic design work to be done contact me. I can provide a CV if needed.

I also have a strong understanding of interactive arts, and do a lot of work in media arts. I have a growing understanding of VVVV and Processing (along with some basic programming), and can help provide a strong conceptual foundation to game design via my interactive and visual arts background if needed.

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Feb 14 2013 Anchor

Greetings Mwylegly.

Feel free to check out our project on these forums -

Exile Gaming Studio is based in the UK. We have a solid team of 15 developers all working hard on this 6 month old project.

Feel free to contact us at

Also check out our website and Facebook pages for some great info

We look forward to your reply.

Feb 14 2013 Anchor

Sent you a PM,


Mar 23 2013 Anchor

We are Oizu Entertainment Studios,
We are interested in letting you have place in our team. Please contact us as soon as possible.


Jun 24 2013 Anchor

We are a Multicultural team called 'Nameless'. We are currently developing our first project 'Raven'.
A Survival/Adventure (No Zombies). We came across your post in indiedb and would really appreciate it if you would help us on our endeavor.

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