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Dec 3 2012 Anchor

Hello good Sirs and Madams, I am Quoux and I have an offer for YOU.

What everyone needs is a good concept artist and I am willing to offer that, be it for a paid price or other wise (commissions too, for small projects). Even if I am not paid I find it incredibly exciting to add new art to my resume. I have been a concept artist for a while now, and I have helped multiple small independent groups with artwork (Oh I am a BIG fan of independent groups). I do, however, have the knowledge of working with a senior art director, senior concept artist, and project manager. I do not have a lot of experience with the industry, however, but I really want to get involved and gain some experience. ANY job will benefit me in that sense, no matter how small or big. Seriously, no matter how small.

What everyone needs is a designer because people who are good at design are CREATIVE and everyone likes CREATIVE people. Now, we are all creative, or else we wouldn't be here; however I can implement that creativity in both visual and written art accurately, unlike the majority. Not to mention literal design; I have take classes on design and also have a good sense for it, and creating write-ups, ads, banners, logos, ETC are no problem for me. Being an expert with photoshop helps on that aspect as well. Also like I always say, "A well made element of design should be like a cup of coffee; you should be more awake after reading it and wanting to come back for more."

What everyone needs is a good writer because writers are able to appeal to the educated masses and to astound the uneducated. It's not sad, but true! Also those who appreciate the art of writing can tell you; THE BOOKS ALWAYS BEAT THE MOVIES. But what this means is there is a certain appeal that the written word has that can affect people more than anything visual; and that is called rhetoric. I believe I can manipulate it to a well off affect, however when it comes to this industry I have NO experience with writing. That doesn't mean to make me sound bad; for I have many things written on the internet that do draw a good affect.

Not only can I do one thing, I can bring for you ALL THREE. Or, if prefered, just two. Or if need be, only one. However I am quite eager to work with a good team, be it work on a mod or a game, whichever I don't mind. Also I'm serious I am even open for small projects. I CAN WORK FOR LITTLE TO NO COMPENSATION ON SOMETHINGS DEPENDING ON QUALITY AND ALOT OF OTHER FACTORS but I swear any amount of gratuity helps.


I am an easy individual to work with and I take instruction well, even if I sometimes prefer to work alone.

I'm also an Eagle Scout, if that helps any.




Thank you for your time in reading my post, and I hope to see you soon!
~ Quoux

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Dec 3 2012 Anchor

Well first off you really need an portfolio or at least a few samples of your work

Dec 4 2012 Anchor

Hi Quoux,

I have sent you an email.

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