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Jan 16 2013 Anchor

A MMO featuring everyone's favorite thing computers. The game has similar features to a mmo but with one major difference you can find and collect computers.You can use for games YouTube Facebook anything you want really you complete quest trade with others and get disk that you use with your computers to use them. People can create there own user created disk to trade and use only the disk must be approved to be in game and creators of disk can manufacturer a new one every day. So make little of it and trade it for high values make much of it sell it for less but get profit more frequently. When i first started this I got gaikai demos to work(you cant use them anymore.) Every computer can be spectated if allowed by other players and more advance computers can do different things. For example one can do html 5 but another can do flash. Please give feedback on the idea and what you might add.

Jan 19 2013 Anchor

I think the idea has merit but the way you have it written it feels over complicated for what you're describing (a collectible game with an economy). I am confused about the difference between computers and disks, the difference between user and manufacturer disks, and how trading really comes into play.

This would be a nice browser extension; can't do things on the web until you complete quests. Want to use google? First you have to get me something lucky. Want to check your email? First you have to write me a letter. Want to play flash games? First you have to draw me something. So, if you implement that you could play while doing other things outside of the game.

As a user, what would my goals be beyond collecting things?

Feb 4 2013 Anchor

valuable learning tool that draws parallels between the arts, history and music.

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