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Aug 8 2017 Anchor

I'm looking for feedback on a game idea

i have this idea of playin mini golf thru the dungeon, where the ball is what gets the power ups to defeat the enemies, like it leaves a fire trail to burn guys,or when the enemies try to kick the ball back in the other direction, it explodes. u can still whack the guys w the club, it just wouldnt do as much damage, that way the foucus stays on trying to play mini golf to get thru the dungeon. its kinda silly, but i like it.

I've begun prototyping the idea so any feed back is truly welcome. here is some of the progress so far

i am especially looking to local multi player as I love games like Super Smash Brothers and Fusion Frenzy. As such I would really especially appreciate feedback on cameras. here are a few idea so far on cameras I'm consideringThird person

3rd person, spilt screen

Screenshot 41IsoMetetric, diablo style

Screenshot 42

2.5 dish smash bro style

Screenshot 43Top Down ish

Anyways, thanks for the help

Got my wizard whackin his bal. just gotta incorporate into where I'm actually generating the levels also like my Fb page for it

Aug 18 2017 Anchor

Your description kinda reminds me of an old SNES (possible Genesis game), you played as this little robot who would fight other robots. You could attack them directly for minimal damage, but the best strategy for you and your opponent was to try and hit a giant metal ball at them...

Anyway, its a neat idea, i see you have a wizard esc character playing now which did give me another idea. You could have local multiplayer/competition, where 4 people are playing mini put in real time while monsters actively tried to kill them. Going with your idea, you would choose what kind of magic power your ball had before swinging and once it came to a stop you would transport to it. More damage dealt/monsters killed the more points you earn, the more strokes you take the more points you loose.

I like what you have now with your deadly deadly traps.

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