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Feb 27 2014 Anchor

When starting up Worldbuilder, and clicking on the "new MP scenario" button and selecting the "C:\Users\NAME\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\ww2\Data\Scenarios\MP\" directory, the following comes into the debug console;

MATHBOX -- Version=6, Cpu=Intel Pentium III Xeon:f=6.m=10, Mode=SSE
APP -- Resetting fp control word.
MOD -- Locating MOD for scenario 'C:\Users\NAME\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\ww2\Data\Scenarios\MP\NewScenario.sgb'
MOD -- Failed to find the MOD directory!
MOD -- Failed to locate MOD!
MOD -- Shutting down

After that happens the worldbuider is just the grey background with greyed out icons as if it's waiting for me to do the same again.

/requesting help

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