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Dec 28 2017 Anchor

So, I have been wanting to make some sort of mod and I'm really into historic events so once I found out Call of Duty 2 allowed for modding, I got loads of random ideas from silly stuff to more serious wars of history to alt. history events.

The one idea that I have fleshed out some more and find more realistic is one of the historic ones (and I realize this specific idea is probably incredibly-controvertial but I still have the idea). I wanted to make a pretty brief mod telling the story of a Yugoslav soldier during the Kosovo War (specifically the NATO bombing period). Like COD 2, the story would be quite set-piece heavy and would have the player going through multiple roles that (realistically) a single soldier probably wouldn't occupy all at once. Plus, like with the main game, this will not be a specific re-creation of actual events and will feature some things that could have happened but didn't. Just as how the main game has characters that aren't real and events that did not specifically happen the way they were portrayed either. I'll give a basic out-line (It will be labelled as all a single level broken up into multiple portions):

1. You start off with a pistol and a machine-gun (I intend to just have two weapons as it will be a short mod and 3d-modelling is not something I'm experienced with at all) at a training area in Belgrade. You then head inside after some basic shooting and movement training and watch the tv (the station as it got bombed) before heading to an air-defence system and shoot down one jet. You then head out with several others in a jeep and capture one pilot who survived the crash. Back at the base, you are told there is a problem and head around to find three KLA fighters planting a bomb, which you retrieve after defeating them in a shoot-out. After bringing the (disabled) bomb to the inside of the base, you witness the interrogation of the British soldier who gives away little new info. This ends the first (of four segments) of the mission.

2. Some days later, you parachute down in Prishtina and fight against the KLA. You briefly clear out an area and switch out a flag. Another soldier than kicks down a door before being head-shotted with a lone fighter with a pistol. You then follow through and kill this soldier before continuing through the little building and finding a weapons cache. The cache contains multiple weapons (which can serve as ammo for the player) as well as some explosives that your group confiscates. You then return to the area you first cleared out and defend it for three minutes. Another NATO bombing occurs and you head to a jet (which is something that I don't know if it can be done as cod2 doesn't have flight as far as I know) and shoot down five NATO planes before it goes into a cut-scene (following a white flash on the screen). The cutscene features the plane getting one of it's wings shot off and the protagonist making an emergency-landing in neighboring Albania.

3. After exiting the jet, you walk around through some quiet before seeing an attack by the Yugoslav army on a NATO base. You participate in this. You then enter a jeep on the way back to Prishtina getting mixed responses from people around.

4. Back in Prishtina, the NATO bombing has greatly decimated the city and you now have to simply save some people, with no enemies to shoot at. You help push away some rubble and use an explosive to clear some more of it away. You then help escort some cops with civilians before heading into a building and guiding a group of terrified civilians out. Along the way, an explosion shakes the building and makes you stumble into another room which is then blockaded with rubble forcing you to take an alternative way to get out. Once you do, you find all but one of the civilians outside and safe with some other soldiers. You then head back into the already-damaged building to save the last civilian. Once you're there, you try to free the civilian from some rubble that has fallen on her before an explosion knocks you un-concious and kills the civilian. You awake in a Belgrade hospital, the day of the final bombing. You are taken outside y wheelchair and see singing crowds. But your injuries are too great and you die anyways (a total cop-out ending, I know and I'll probably do something else).

So, since I have not made a COD2 mod (or any complete mod) this is very ambitious for me and will probably take a long, long time or never be made. This is just an idea and I'm asking for people's thoughts. I also understand this mod would be quite controvertial (by deviating from common perceptions of the war).

Jan 17 2018 Anchor

I see where it might be touchy material for some people who lived through the war. But it looks like standard anti-hero drama to me. In the era of Grand Theft Auto, what is taboo any how?

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Jan 20 2018 Anchor

> COD 2 Mod Idea I have, tell me what you think

The only relevant information in this title is "COD 2"

- "mod idea" / of course it's a mod idea, because you posted it in the "Ideas & Concepts" subforum of ModDB

- "I have" / of course it's your idea, people don't come here to post other people's ideas

- "tell me what you think" / it goes without saying that you're inviting people to comment on the idea by posting it here


Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats.
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