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May 9 2013 Anchor


Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a 15th year old student, frequently making 3D models, photoshop, or whatever project I have interest in.

♦ So yeah, like the title said, I've been thinking to make a some kind of "WTF, dafaq, how the-" mod that has no sense at all. Well, not entirely, it still makes sense, buuut you'll get the point. I've been a team member of a mod called "Indonesian National Revolution"(INR) mod, and yes, I'm Indonesian :D
My team (the maker of the INR) always have those interesting and "never-made-me-bored" attitudes. We always have a vision of making a mod that shows ridiculousness, because it would be fun :D

♦ Now the case is : if you think you're quite a fun person (I am not taking other people's testimony, you'll have to talk with me personally >:] ) and a friendly one, you can PM me to start the team to make the mod :D
But preferably, because I always use Facebook, it is better if you message me through facebook, and my profile is "" (Without the quotes). If you found a cat with a telephone in it, then you found me.

Yep, I guess that's enough. And how do I loooove to write long and semi-detailed threads.

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