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Nov 16 2012 Anchor

Heyyy peepz!
As the title says, I'm having trouble launching Nightmare House 2..
I downloaded first the .exe from the homepage, installed the game, launched it through Steam and when I got to the first loading screen after the intro, it stopped and message popped up, saying:

Engine error
CResponseSystem::LoadFromBuffer: Unknown entry type 'EFV', expecting
'response', 'criterion', 'enumeration' or 'rules in file

I have absolutely no idea what it meant, but I tried to find the response_rules.txt file, hoping I could figure something out but I found nothing.
Therefore, I uninstalled Nightmare House 2 and downloaded the .rar file instead and followed the instructions and launched it, but exactly the same thing happened:
Steam prepares to launch Nightmare House 2 - the screen goes black - the eye appears with the logos - loading screeeeeeeeeeen and then it exits and exactly the same message comes up.

So I was wondering if someone could help me out here n__n"

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