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Jun 28 2019 Anchor

From the three years of 2017-2019, VR games have been popular for a while, but there has not been a huge development in 2019. Many large companies are developing vr games and vr devices, but the VR industry has not exploded due to the difficulty of technology and the reality of the network environment.
In fact, I am still looking forward to the rapid development of VR games under the popularity of 5G technology.

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What do you think about the impact of 5G technology on VR games?

Aug 27 2019 Anchor

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Aug 17 2020 Anchor

Hey, in my opinion vr games have already accelerated because of the increased number of companies that specialise in vr game development. In parallel, there is a high demand on AR games. Therefore, these two types of games will be the most popular in the nearest future.

Jul 27 2021 Anchor

Thanks for the info

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