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Jan 15 2013 Anchor

My son loves bears. He pretends to BE a bear alot of times, and he likes games like Zelda. Lately, after discovering I downloaded a pirate related game for my adopted daughter (who loves pirate things) from here, he's been begging for a game that's a "Bear Adventure". He would even play a classic RPG style that had to do with bears. So can someone make a game on here that is an RPG or Zelda-like adventure staring a bear, AND be child-appropriate? You could put other little animals in it too, but he just wants to play as a bear. If there is already a game like this please tell me. I really want to make him happy...

I know I probably put this in the wrong catagory, so could someone move it to the "Ideas" area?

Jan 15 2013 Anchor

SimAnimals on the Wii lets you interact with animals, including bears.

I've never played the game myself; so I don't know how good it is.

Gameplay essentially consists of directing animals to do things to help them complete goals set by the game.

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Jan 16 2013 Anchor

Hi Vance_Pants,

I think programs like RPG Maker, Multimedia Fusion or Game Maker are a good and easy way. I think you need about a week to create your first simple game with it. I don't know how old your son is, but I think a small and simple game with a bear made by his dad would be awesome enough for him :D here you can find some resources for the RPG Maker. There are a lot of other sites. Maybe you can find a bear somewhere and make it the mainchar :) A game about a bear who must rescue Link from Zelda, because she wants to kiss him...because girls are eeeeewwwwhhh :P

Sorry, I can't help more, but I have no time atm to create a game.

Good luck and regards,


Jan 16 2013 Anchor

give me a budget 10,000 euro and you get a game where you can play as a bear next year

Jan 16 2013 Anchor


Jan 16 2013 Anchor

Banjo-kazooie maybe. You play as a bird too.
Umm, Winnie the Pooh?

Banjo-kazooie/Tooie could be a good thing to get though, how to get hold of it is the issue... though get a controller, an emulator and you can have it running on the computer, and both games last many hours.
Seems a lot of games where you are a bear are for really young gamers, even more education games.

Jan 17 2013 Anchor

only the prototype is available at the moment but you could try making something with axis game factory.

Feb 2 2013 Anchor

As Arieas said, the best and firstmost thing you could do is get yourself Banjo Kazooie, but a Bear RPG has been suggested, because well... You'll be a bear (likely with swords). Oh, that would need blood though. A bear survival game also sounds pretty cool, since you wouldn't be able to use tools like a human being but you'd be stronger and such. Heck, you could even steal picnic baskets!

The only other games with bears that isn't Pooh related (or very bad) that I can think of are Pokemon and Digimon, but their bears are technically altered monster type things. I'd say try and get him Banjo for now.

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