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Nergal01 #MakeArcadeGreatAgain
Jul 24 2012 Anchor

Sometimes, I keep wondering whether this could be possible:

Here comes the concept:
-5 major factions (OCU,USN,EC,DHZ, and Grimnir terrorist group, plus some subfactions (FM1-era USN Huffman & OCU Huffman, FM2-era Alordesh Revolutionary Army+InterGehen, FM3-era Japanese Defense Force, FM3-era Hua Lian rebels, FM-5 era USN Marines/Strike Wyvern)
-I don't know whether Republic of Zaftra should be included as well though; I still lack of ideas regarding their units, especially their air units & vehicles.
-Wanzer customizations, part destruction and whatnots aren't planned
-Every wanzer configuration is fixed according to its job/specialty (see also: pretty much every FM game)
-Various mobile weapons
-No infantry, perhaps....
-Artillery weapons (Grenades, rockets) have limited ammunition which have to be restocked via supply truck
-Superweapons will be replaced with uber units. Uber units are usually mobile weapons/large wanzers that can be found as final boss.

More to come, especially remembering new members cannot post links for 7 days...

Update: Okay, I've been thinking about the lack of modification, which can be compensated with this method:
-Every wanzer type is fixed in a role (scout, light assault, assault, launcher/artillery, heavy assault, sniper/gunner, commando, experimental)
-After you create a wanzer, you must choose max. 2 weapons (each wanzer/role gets different weapon choices), here's the example:

  • Scout: fixed (built-in MG arms)
  • Light assault: shield, machine gun and shotgun
  • Assault: shield, machine gun, shotgun, melee
  • Launcher: missile, rocket, grenade, melee, shield
  • Heavy assault: machine gun, shotgun, melee, missile, shield
  • Sniper: bazooka, rifle (gatling gun is listed as machine gun this time)
  • Commando (it's a special version of regular unit, like Glen's Zenith or Hell's Wall's Frost) : anything
  • Experimental (super prototype units, like the infamous 'laser wanzer' Hoshun from FM3) : anything including fixed special weapons (laser gun, flamethrower, etc)


Information is ammunition

Dec 24 2012 Anchor

Nice idea, I am not a modder... I am kinda disapointed that nobody is interested, my opinion on most modding comunity that they are too lazy or just too segregated. In FM there are rarely some infrantry, I never saw Mecha vehicles in CnC:G mods... I played FM2 and FM3, both good but FM3 was superior...


"motus domesticus vulgaris vita est versus homo novus"

Nergal01 #MakeArcadeGreatAgain
Dec 24 2012 Anchor

There's hardly any useful infantry in FM games, except cannon fodders in some cutscenes and snipers in FM3.

The only mecha-themed General mod I know is Xenoforce, and they did quite well implementing mechas there.

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Information is ammunition

Rafenrazer Concept artist
Dec 25 2012 Anchor

It might be prudent to note that FM does not have a very large western fanbase. Predominately because Battle-tech exists; which is basically a very similar concept with hard sci-fi trappings and less over the top Japanese story telling b******t (if you excuse the french).

In all though is sounds like a grand idea; turn based or real time?
What engine do you want to use?
What skills do you have that you can add to the project?
Link up some FM concept art that you can use in this project.

People are busy; your gonna need more than a small block of text to arouse their interest these days.

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