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May 4 2021 Anchor

The RPG game concept that we have is: You are a player who gets into the role of a character with their respective adventure. Normally you start without equipment, without companions, without skills and 0 power. As you progress in the adventure, you will acquire everything you need to advance to a level.

With this, I am looking for an RPG concept or idea to change it totally or partially, and if the idea could be explained only in a few words I'd appreciate it. Example what I'm looking.
undertale, do not kill any enemy.
One punch man(anime), one punch enemy.
I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Aug 10 2021 Anchor

Disco Elysium did something like that: it's an RPG with no combat, only dialog. And the upcoming Gamedec is trying a similar approach.

One punching enemies in a video game would be boring (the goal of a combat system is to challenge the player).

VKVII Imperial City Citizen
Aug 30 2021 Anchor

You start maxed out in everything possible and then you decrease over time if specific action aren't completed or completed not in the way is needed.

Losses are unavoidable and the goal is to regain through the game what you initially had or a part of them (skill lines choices) since you won't ever be strong as the moment you started (illness, permanent injury, or even a different reality where to maintain all you had is simply impossible because something in the world or in the player is, at this point, different).

NeptuneGames I'll check out those games when I will have some time to play. They sound very interesting, for me at least. Thanks for posting that

Mar 31 2022 Anchor

How about a game where despite there being combat the point of the game is not to seriously engage enemies because they are too powerful and will just kill you. You gather stuff and develop yourself and maybe continue a story line.

Jun 2 2022 Anchor


I like this idea. It would be like Runescape, where you can level up your skills, and fighting monsters is secondary.

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