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Oct 7 2012 Anchor

As the title suggests... What are people thoughts ona remake of the Nintendo 64 game.

Most likely on the rage engine, a heavily modified version of GTA4.
If someone wants to do this I'll be happy to contribute my skills as a concept and texture artist and modeler.


Oct 10 2012 Anchor

Body Harvest was great, though had some serious issues so a straight "Keep as close to original" remake might be bad. But if those issues could be fixed, yeah, could be good.

Rage engine I don't know of, but one thing about Body Harvest was the areas were huge, yet there was alot of on foot stuff. I don't recall GTA4 having either of those. UE3 or Cry Engine might word. Both have vehicles and games made with a large sense of scale, though I don't know about Body Harvest level.

I would think of lending my talents to the project if I had any.

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