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Sep 15 2013 Anchor


First of all, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum,
I'm new and I thought this would be the right forum to make my question.

My name is Martin, I'm from Chile,
I'm 21 and I'm at college studying programmation.

I want to make my first complete and awesome game,
I'll dedicate it all the time it requires, I've already made some simple 2d games using construct2, stencyl, gamesalad, and such.
But now I want to start a bigger project and dedicate it months of my time (a lot of fun :D).

So, already read some game desing books (Level up! A theory of fun and The art of Game Design),
and now I want to start, so I'm looking for a good engine to make my project real.

I want to make a 3d game, with big self-generated maps like minecraft, cube world, etc.
So a voxel engine I think, I won't do a minecraft-like game, but the maps will be sort of similar.

So to a large self-generated voxel world, easy to use, actually easy to learn by myself,
which would be the best engine to use? Unity? another one?

Please give me your opinions,
thanks for reading :)

Sep 17 2013 Anchor

I don't know if there are any 'voxel engine' and I'm not sure how well Unity handles large, generated worlds. I do know that Unity is the easiest to use 3D engine I have tried so far, so it is definitely a good way to start your 3D-engine journey, even if you ultimately can't create the project you described here.

Sep 25 2013 Anchor

My two go-to engines are NeoAxis and Unity, in that order, and I feel neither of them will work very well for what you are looking to accomplish.

Oct 7 2013 Anchor

If I remember well, StarForge is using Unity and aims at generating a very large world that you can entirely reshape. Thus handling a world of cubes should be doable with Unity, and this is a very good engine to start with.

Anyway, there is no real easy to use engine for Voxel worlds today, and even using Unity, you will have to handle pretty much every aspects of it like terrain generation, chunks organization and optimization...

Thus, if you are able to read C++ code, you can check the Minetest source code ( and learn from it the basics and use this knowledge with Unity or start writing a new engine from scratch, as Voxel engines are made to be pretty simple to implement in a first iteration.

Oct 7 2013 Anchor

I think starforge is actually using UDK.

Unity is very capable of using voxels espiecially with all the free and paid for voxel solutions for it. Check out Cubiquity


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Oct 7 2013 Anchor

Starforge is marked as using Unity actually ;)
Cubiquity sounds pretty cool, I did not know about it!

Nov 27 2013 Anchor

It's more important that you learn an engine and really master it then choosing between a dozen good engines. I use Unity though ;3

Dec 8 2013 Anchor

martin look at this game engine Grit
Open Source Streaming Game Engine -


User Posted Image

Dec 11 2013 Anchor

As mentioned by some other people, I would suggest Unity, too. Really great engine!

Feb 15 2014 Anchor

Unity is a great engine and the Irrlicht engine is worth checking out aswell.

Mar 4 2014 Anchor

I would reccommend just writing your own voxel engine It would teach you how an engine works and you would have complete control

Mar 5 2014 Anchor

complete control indeed! bwahahahahahahah! (sorry just natural) any way creating your own engine would be great.

Mar 5 2014 Anchor

This kind of game is what I like to call a computer science project. You are going to need to write your own engine, if only for quality control purposes, to avoid problems down the line. Otherwise you will spend more time taming the game engine than actually writing the game.


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Mar 8 2014 Anchor

+1 for Unity, they all have there ups and down but Unity has matured to the point of actually being a joy to work with.

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