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May 21 2020 Anchor


My name is Enrique, I am (yet another) composer and audio designer looking for projects to work on. But why should you even bother considering getting me on board? Well, let me try to give you some reasons:

- I have quite a lot of experience doing music and sound effects for short films and comercials (a lot of them in spanish, but if you are curius about it, just watch the begining of the movies to listen the quality of the audio!)

- I am proficient with Wwise and Fmod (the industry standards when it comes to audio middleware) and I am dying to get a chance to get to do a full development of a game using those (I have been using them a lot, but with very bad luck concerning the studios I was working with...).

- I am familiar with Unity and Unreal and I am able to navigate myself around C# (I am not an expert but I can do all audio-related coding) and BPs

- I am a very nice easy going person, used to work in a team, with experience in team management.

- As I am a professional performing musician in times of quarrantine, I have a lot of time and motivation. So I can dedicate myself to a project full time.

- I have a kick ass demo reel. Check it out:

If you have any question just contact me either via PM or send me an email to

Cheers and good luck with all your developments!

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