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Jun 16 2014 Anchor

Ok here i go, is 9 months i am working on this: with a team of ppl. is a sandbox mmo based on the isaac asimov foundation series, models lore gameplay video etc are all fine, we are a small group roughly 15-20 ppl (some collaborate only)

Right now we are working on 3 videos, a teaser 5/10min , a dev commentary and another more "viral"

Main problematic approch is the marketing how to get ppl know about us? make a sandbox mmo with no istances (eve like) is a huge deal so we aim to launch a crowdfounding campaign and we need quite a bit of $ for make this doable.

Suggestions? like interviews but wherE?
Or sites where to talk about/advertize
BannerS? they really work ?
Social Networks?

Overall the advertizing aspect of the game industry i wanna hear your opinions

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Jun 21 2014 Anchor

1) Quality dev diaries are a way to go. You make a dev post then you can crosspost (copy) it on Indie DB and other sites like Tumblr or perhaps also another website, an official separate dev blog specifically dedicated to your collective dev blogging (a blog that can hold even less relevant/worthy posts nonetheless related to the game and keeping people's attention on it).

2) Video logs. If you have a trailer on your website, post it on Indie DB Videos, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. you can use the same video and video description for all of them.

3) Get all your team to write their own blog posts or tweets or facebook posts about the game, make yourself and them mention the game to all your friends, etc

4) Social networks, yes. One thing is making your dev members use social networks to promote the game, another thing is you / the leader / the PR/marketing magician add tweets and facebook posts linking all your dev diaries and your achievements, events etc. The latter is very important as it makes your devteam look alive.

5) Drop an email to big editorial sites like Kotaku IGN etc. if they do a post about your game, they will bring you lots of good-hearted exposure.

?) Interviews are only mixedly/moderately effective, depends on the site and editors you would be interviewed by.

X ) IMHO, banners may not work at all unless you exchange banners/ads with some big site which you can't really hope for as it's only network-to-network exchange not gamesite-to-network one.

X ) IMHO, paid ads are much less effective or completely ineffective because of many people using ad blockers, or skipping or ignoring ads even without an adblock - so you can forget about ads.

Summing up:
1) more dev diaries
2) more development video logs, videos are more important than e.g. screenshots
3) mention it to all friends
4) link your dev updates and new vids/content on facebook/twitter
5) contact editorial and gaming sites to make a post about your game

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Jul 3 2014 Anchor

thx for answer yeah we gonna try some of this

Jul 23 2014 Anchor

Everything @Feillyne just said. Seriously, some damn good advice right there.

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