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Jul 14 2017 Anchor

Hello, my recent article for WotN The Baltic Release 3.0 has been archived even though it has a higher quality than the old 2.0 one had - and uses the same stuff as TLK:WotN does in terms of music and units etc.

The different setting is that it is focused on Scandinavia.

I also see that the option to try and get it authorised has disappeared.

Please fix this - i didn't write it for no one to read it.

I did update the part with "credits" to be more precise about permissions.

The content ain't stolen if that's why my article was archived:



- I have done all the work on this update myself.

But there are certain people who deserve credit as without them this wouldn't have been possible:

- The old WotN-team including Absinthia, Ulfhednin, Horsa and Leif Eriksson - for the base-mod, units and scripts etc! Basically all the groundwork and the whole 1.5 beta version. - My 2.0 were just some fixes really and without the music-mod (which was my big contribution to WotN) it weren't much.

- I am currently the only active developer of WotN, and i have permission from other old team-members such as Absinthia and Horsa - to continue this project. - I am an official developer on TWC for WotN.

- Danova and The Last Kingdom - for the Frankish captain and general strat models.

- There was a sharing agreement between Danova, creator of The Last Kingdom - and Wrath of the Norsemen. - There are proof of this on TWC, we have permission to use material such as the Frankish captain and general strat-models.

- Rhaymo and DBM - for the creation of the custom settlements in use by all factions.

- Rhaymo allows the use of DBM assets in other mods - alas we have permission to use the custom settlements.

- The EoR-mod and Deutschland etc - for the new slavic textures applied to the custom settlements by Rhaymo - the Viking/Slav custom settlements have re-textures from EoR.

- I am also an official developer of EoR (East of Rome) and Deutschland himself approved of this - i've gotten Darius permission to use assets from"The Danube Limes" in WotN - and as the custom settlements are Rhaymo's and were free to use for everyone i'd say permission exists for the re-textures also."

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Jul 14 2017 Anchor

Hello, as mentioned in the e-mail sent to you:

Forum attachment images are NOT visible to people who are not logged in on the forums you linked them from.

This is what your article looks like, completely broken images:

also: and

Please, never link from websites that block viewing access. Those images must display. A handful of modders and indie developers do this without even realising their images ARE NOT visible on the site.

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Jul 14 2017 Anchor

I see, i didn't know they weren't visible because they are visible on my screen.

There is a problem of uploading to this site though - the pictures aren't uploading when clicked on.

By the way - i haven't gotten any mail from you. Use PM here instead.

Should be fixed now.

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