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Jul 26 2018 Anchor

I'm working on an update for my android game, Fart Man. I'm doing my best to work on graphics, even though I'm more a programmer and designer than a graphic artist. I'm looking for feedback and advice on how improve my art. Please check out the graphics below and tell me what you think:

fartman green farting Fart Man in green outfit.

Blimp Blimp.

Grim Reaper floating 1 Grim Reaper.

Rocket Ship moving Rocket.

Fart Man

Sep 1 2018 Anchor

Yo do you mind my feedback as a pleb. Im also a programmer who tries his best to work on graphics. but i want to throw my opinion in there!

I like fart man but is that a mustache or teeth?

I think the blimp is looking pretty clean but it makes me uneasy, i think because the shading doesn't follow the shape of the blimp and the black outline of the oval disappears at the intersection of the bottom fin.

The grim reaper is cool but the hood animation bothers me a little.

The rocket is my favorite, i like the design, i think the shading works here (maybe not on the bottom fin) and the fire animation is amazing.

Those are my thoughts :D keep doing what you do!

Sep 2 2018 Anchor

The art style somewhat reminds me with simcity. I especially like the grim reaper, but I think it can be perfected if you change up the hood a bit, and the hands.


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Sep 12 2018 Anchor

Thanks for the feedback, peeps! It's very appreciated and will be put to good use!

Nov 4 2018 Anchor

This Grim Reaper is so nice!!!

Cartoon Grim Reaper Transparent

source: PNG

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