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Feb 12 2013 Anchor

Hey guys! I was wondering if there were any concept artists here that are also Babylon 5 fans? I'm currently working on a Babylon 5 modification for HW2 ( and I've been thinking about some of the Narn and Centuari ships we'll be putting in the mod and there is one ship I'm having trouble with. Both the Minbari (Whitestar) and Earth (Omega-X) have Vorlon/Shadow enchanced ships, but the niether the Narn or Centauri do.

My challange to you, the Babylon 5 fans of ModDb, if you are willing to except it, is the concept of a First Ones enchanced Narn and/or Centuari ship. No limits, no guidelines, use your imagination.

Thanks guys!

Feb 12 2013 Anchor

Hi Zeelich,
I want to ask about licensing. What is the licence of the HomeWorld2 engine?

Secondly, with respect to use of the models , aren't the rights owned by whoever 'owns' the B5 franchise? I ask this because Games Workshop tried to stop an author using the phrase Space Marine which they regarded as a trademark, despite the phrase being used for over 70 years in SF by multiple authors. To my mind the spaceships in B5 would be much more likely to be regarded as an IP infrigement.

Yes, I am a B5 fan, unfortunately I am too busy trying to get the developers release of MekArcade out to contribute anything specific. Also what model format does the HomeWorld2 engine use?


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