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Aug 19 2012 Anchor

About 3 weeks ago, Annex: Conquer the World had its first release out of beta!

Annex: Conquer the World is a full game is inspired by classic RTS games such as C&C Tiberium Sun, Dune 2000, and Red Alert2, with a unique Japanese animation inspired art theme. Play as one of two Factions: The East Ocean Alliance, or the Shadow Organization, as they struggle for dominance in the war torn Southern Wastelands, rich in a priceless red mineral. The focus of the game is Multiplayer and Single Player skirmishes. There are also 30 scenarios, 18 of witch form a simple "campaign mode". Annex currently has ability to customize restrictions on techtrees such as limiting units and starting units, even mixing factions into one.
Can't wait to hear more?

Find info, downloads, and media on Mod DB!

Standalone version of Annex: Conquer the World includes:
- 2 Factions: Shadow Organization East Ocean Alliance
- 3 Tilesets, each with low + high detail variations
- New maps
- 6 player maps
- 30 scenarios
- 18 Beta Campaign Missions (9 per faction)
- 12 game modes: (techtrees)
- New Revised Models + Skins for Alliance Faction
- Full detailed html instruction manual
- Many game-play tweaks to increase fun of the game:
- Aircraft re-balancing, Aircraft limited to 3 per hangar, but built faster.
- Ground to air units now carry weapons for ground combat.
- Alliance Harrier + Bomber combined to one unit.
- Hero unit has new super-weapon ability: Air Strike
- Many Fun and Unique units to new faction such as Shield Generators, Orbital Strike Relays, Jetpack Infantry, + Infiltrators to name a few.
- No longer shares MegaGlest chat lobby, Annex now has its own private lobby.

Thank you for your time! I hope you enjoy "Annex: Conquer the World."

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