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Nov 14 2017 Anchor

Breakout vs Color Match is the simplest and hardest game you will ever play.

The gameplay is like those games where you break bricks, but there are no blocks to break, and instead you have to color match the random ball colors to the correct 4 colored areas above, by aiming with your Breakout paddle. If you match the ball to the correct color your points will increase by 1 and the ball will bounce back down and so the game continues.

Breakout vs Color Match is truly difficult yet addictive.

Come and test your skills against this epic new evolution of Breakout and Color Match games!


•Breakout paddle and ball controls

•Color match mechanics

•100% FREE game

•No money grabbing In-App Purchases, just fun gameplay

Enjoy! :)


Google Play:

Simulator Screen Shot   iPhone 6 5

Simulator Screen Shot   iPhone 6 6

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