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Feb 13 2014 Anchor

Hey everyone!

Last Friday, Insane Sheep release their first game after 1 year in development and public beta testing, Big Tower for Android OS.

Prof. Genius faces-off Prof. Kinky in their annual science competition, this year, the goal is to create the biggest invention ever. Genius is inspired by his nephew, Kid Z, and decides to develop the biggest tower ever build, the Big Tower. In order to do that, Kid Z time travels to different eras in human history to recover mystical artifacts capable of powering Big Tower. Discover alongside with Mr.Drone, the dangerous enemies such as dinosaurs, vikings, gauls, and many more! Also featuring a unique gameplay mechanic whereby players have the ability to customize their own towers.

Want to build a tower that shoots rainbow lasers? You got it! How about a long range sniper that deals massive damage? Sure! Maybe you need a tower that discharges electricity and chains damage to other enemies around it. Big Tower is all about customization, you can even name your towers (not that it matters).

Key features:

• 2 cinematics
• A compelling story filled with a variety of historical characters;
• 8 eras to visit;
• 32 levels to beat;
• 84 parts available;
• 8 unique boss battles;
• 42 menacing looking enemies to defeat;
• Retro styled graphics and sound and much more!

Available now on Google Play!

Full game -
Free demo -

Facebook -
Twitter -
Google+ -
Insanesheep website -

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