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Apr 15 2020 Anchor

Hi! Im sorry if im asking this in the wrong place. Me and a few of my friends have been playing DOW SS UA multiplayer for a few weeks now and are really enjoying it. We all have the same files and the online matches are stable. But there is only one thing none of us can figure out, how do we create the Imperator Class Titan? It doesnt show up at the titan assembly bay for any of the factions that should have it available. We turned titan wars extreme on in the game settings. Is there some other requirement for creating it? We have tried pretty much everything. All races tier 5 upgrades with more than enough resources for construction but we just cant find it. Is there another setting we have to turn on? Is it another mod we have to download? We all have the newest version of UA and everything else seems to be available.

Thank you for an amazing mod!

I should also add that none of us can find it in the army painter. Is it supposed to show up?

Seamus.Editor Editor-in-Chief of ModDB & IndieDB
Apr 16 2020 Anchor

Hey HorniShumi, it would be best to ask these types of questions on the mod profile for the mod you're referring to. That way the developers will be more likely to see it and help out! You can comment on the main page of the profile, the most recent file or DM the team behind the mod directly using our messaging system.


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