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Jan 19 2013 Anchor

2H: Two Hands
This concept is all about your two hands (sorry to the handicapped out there), or what I like to call "forced dynamic control." You are thrown into a world of three kingdoms; animals, plants, and fungae. Each has characters that are defined by the controls you have at your fingertips: the keyboard and the mouse. New controls/characters may be added if there is enough requests for them (such as gamepads or touchscreens). The big design is no two characters in the same kingdom have the same control system, and no two characters at all have the same skills or weapons.

There are a few modes. The first, 'story' mode, functions similarly to Planetside with some PvE progression elements. The second, 'game' mode, functions more like DoTA with better map scaling. So, this will both be a massive and room based game. Unrated and unrewarded room matches can be played at any time, ad hoc style.

Meet one of the characters:

Glassie, the jellyfish of doom.
WASD+Arrows (directional charge based and rapid fire)
Glassie is usually water based, but can go on land in her trustworthy and sentimental goldfish bowl (at half speed of course). She dishes out light damage electricity and poison, high stun damage swamp balls, and draining close range arcs. Do not let her catch you though, she might make you her next meal!


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