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May 8 2013 Anchor

I'm currently the sole developer of Arbitrary, a 2D platformer set on Mars. Here's the link to the game page where a demo of the engine is available; LINK
Currently the artwork used is just place holders. I have been working to the NES resolution (256x240) and then upscaing the art so it fills a resolution of 1024x960. I am looking for someone to join my team to produce the art, and assist in other areas if they are interested.

The vision I have for the style is reminiscent of NES/SNES era. I'd like the areas to look like the following; act 1 is in a cave on Mars, act 2 starts to add technological elements kind of like the end of Total Recall/Tron, and then the third act will take place in technological facility deep in Mars' underground. I have seen some artists work that I really like and contacted them, but this is shall we say an "open casting call".

I am fully prepared to program the entire game, level design, and possibly handle musical duties as well. It's just the art that has bogged me down.

These are the things that are currently required and their resolutions:
Player - 16x32
Taking Damage
- Also all of these with shooting variants

Enemies - 16x16
Turret styled stationary object
Drone typed enemy that moves horizontally above the player and drops bullets/bombs

Enemies - 32x16
High-tech robots

Tile sheet for environments and clutter should be 32x32.

There are obviously going to be other elements that need to be designed as the project goes on, but I think this is all that is currently needed to get the game off the ground. Also the resolution is negotiable.

Thank you for reading, and if you are interested, please leave a reply or PM me.

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