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Aug 14 2017 Anchor

Hello everyone, I am a 2D Graphic Artist and currently looking for work. I am open for any 2D jobs here. Message me.

4 year experience in creating 2Ds.

Aug 17 2017 Anchor

Do you have any work to show from the past 4 years? Your indieDB profile is completely blank as well.
Also what kind of 2D work? Concept? 8-bit-pixel-art? 16-bit? Promotional Digital-Drawings?

Not to be the hater on the forum but this post tells us nothing about what you could offer really.

Dec 25 2017 Anchor

My name is Pèpe de Clercq. I am the lead producer, lead writer, and composer for a game currently only known as Project: Howell.

Project: Howell will be an Action-Based Platformer, with segments resembling Auto-Runner and Hack-And-Slash type games.

The game's story revolves around a young boy Adam Howell, whose city gets invaded by demons. He gets a letter from his father, who he thought died a long time ago. In the letter, Adam's father explains how the Howell family has been involved in the war between heaven and hell for thousands of years. Adam gets the mission to stop this war, and alongside a group of talented rebellions, he tries to stop this slaughtering once and for all.

Now, we as the Project: Howell Dev Team are in need of pixel artists. If you are familiar with pixel art, Please contact me on Discord. My Discord tag is pepedeclercq#0344. Payment can only be managed through revenue-sharing, since setting up a budget for the project is not possible. We hope to work with you soon!

- Pèpe de Clercq.

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