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Jul 25 2013 Anchor


Our small indie team, Broken Headsets, is looking to bring a 2D artist (although good and stylized 3D artists will definitively have our attention) into the fold of our team. We are mostly looking for a tileset and sprite artist, but if you have skills, we're interested in talking with you.

We are working on a Tycoon/Horror game where you attempt to unseal the power of evils lying dormant in a small town while the inhabitants attempt to seal it back. Or, you know, emptying the town of its inhabitant works just as well.

The team is currently composed of two bachelor in Game Design (yes, we know), one of which, myself, has over ten years' experience in the game industry, mostly as a programmer. Also, since some people ask, I'm 28. The other is an incredibly talented person who learns very quickly and, he's 23. No one is going to be the "idea guy" in this team and we'll all work to make this project a great game.

We intend to submit the project as a Kickstarter in a short while and the continuation of this project will likely depends on its success there. As such, while we are posting this as an unpaid work, the work already done and done moving forward would get paid assuming a successful campaign. Furthermore, any artist joining us this early that would jam well with us would be welcomed as a founding member and, as such, would receive shares, a say on the studio's direction and a return on sales.

We are eagerly awaiting any questions you might have, either in private messages or on this thread as well as any interested party's contact information.

P.S.: We are aiming at a 6 months development window for this project (which will likely be missed, however, better aim at 6 and end up with 9 than aim at 9 and end up with 15...) and as such, it'd be appreciated if you were available a reasonable (i.e.: More than 30 hours) amount of time each week until the end of the project. Please answer taking this into account.

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Feb 5 2014 Anchor

hmm, I just joined the site today - so I assume I'm a bit late... O_O

but I'd be interested. :)

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