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Apr 13 2014 Anchor

Flaming Torch Games is currently formed by two very dedicated friends working together to develop fun and amazing videogames from a wide range of concepts. We are currently one programmer, and one game designer. You can find some of our work at both and

We are currently developing our first commercial game, and are in need of a 2D concept/game art artist since unfortunately neither of us is proficient in any art skill.

We would very much like to collaborate with a talented professional in developing one or more of our games. We are currently working on a project codenamed as "Cyber". It is a 2D beat ‘em up, with a cyberpunk setting, where humanity is being crushed by cybernetic implants controlling their personality and mind. Four unlikely rebels are out to crush the source controller of these mind-controlling implants in order to free the world. Think of it as Terminator crossed with Streets of Rage.

Unfortunately, and this is what might be a deal breaker: We're unable to pay until we turn on a profit. I can't convince anyone that we're going to become the next best thing, but we are very, very dedicated, and are just at the start of our independent game development career. Should you accept, this is your chance to not only help us grow reach a point where we can pay you royalties and become independent, but also pay you properly for any further work.

We can work out a deal for a sort of trade between our skills and yours. Wouldn't it be interesting to have us help you making a cool portfolio project while you work with us? We have an excellent programmer in our team which we are sure would be able to help you in plenty of game programming-related projects.

In the end, this position we are requesting is negotiable. If you have a proposal, or would like to discuss things further, feel free to add me on skype (ghostmanzero) or contact me at

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