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Welcome to the WM56 ETW 1700S V2 Mod. With this mod you will get good graphics, plus a game that won't crash in the middle of the campaign map or in a battle. The AI and BAI have been changed to the Napoleon Total War AI and BAI. The 1700S V2 Mod is easy to install and uses the 1.5 model manager to launch the game. My main Gole is to ensure that if someone downloads one of my mods that they have a good gaming experience and not a bad one.

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Hi, and welcome to the WM56 ETW 1700S V2 Mod. The 1700S mod has come a long way in the last 6 to 8 months. For starters this mod has hundreds of new uniforms and new faces for all of the major European factions' units in the game. I replaced all of the campaign portraits and icons for the generals, ministers, gentlemen, and rakes, for all the major European factions. The 1700S V2 mod now comes with new graphics for horses, weapons, equipment, plus HD graphics from Terrestria Orbem and edited by Imperial Splendor. I have edited the CAI and BAI in the game for a better gaming experience whether fighting battles or managing your empire. The Starting position file has been edited to give all European major factions 1 million in cash to start the game while the minor factions have less money. What this does is create an open dialogue between each faction concerning the issue of buying or selling property whether they are friend or foe. A player now has the ability to hire and fire generals anytime, instead of waiting to get enough money to buy a general. The 1700S V2 Mod comes with new loading screens, music and campaign unit portraits and icons for the infantry, cavalry, artillery and ships. There are no bugs in this game because every change to the game has been tested. With the 1700S mod, you don't have to worry about crashes or installing patches to correct a problem the game is having. I invite you to come and checkout My home page on Mod db.

The big picture of The British Lt Infantry with new uniform and face 1 VD - Mod DBNew face of the Russian Line Infantry 1The Swedish Line Infantry in action 1Face Img 2

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