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One and The Only modification in web that replaces more than 75-80% of in-game music/ambient of your favorite game - Dying Light! The main theme is 28 Days Later, but, you will hear some great tracks from another perfect movies! Just enjoy it...!

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### replaced more than 120 different tracks at all (used many cool OSTs from good movies), cutted & reworked with tons of love! Remember, that the main target of mod was Brutality and to make deep Horror sence!

### main theme is 28 days/week later OST, that means - Main menu theme changed; chase tracks at night in Slums & Old town changed (especially tonel & bridge chases);

### replaced all music at loading;

### replaced 40+ tracks of ambient at Day/Night, in Slums/Old town (list of used movies OST's you can find below);

### replaced radio on bases (quatermaster music);

### replaced cartoon sound in one funny place ;) ;

### a couple of special ambient for special zones, like Haran Bridge at day & night, tonel ambients, some scenario improvments;

### replaced all quarantine zones OST's;

### a big count of scenario music is replaced...;

### List of movies (most part of whole mod):
28 days/weeks later, 30 days of night [2007], Sinister [2012], Wind chill [2007], Insidious 3 [2015], Creep [2004], Triangle [2009], Commando [1985], The Rock [1996] and composers Thomas Newman & Clint Mansell.


Compatible with all of known versions! (both of STEAM & FreePlay). You can use it with all mods that you want to.


To install - Just throw all files to main game directory and accept replacement! Please, Enjoy!

The mod is fully developed by Max Krukovski (CBAPLLLuK (NEXUS mods)). Suggestions are accepted on the mailbox

If my work did not leave you indifferent and brought to the game a lot of new experiences, pls, don't forget to say Thank You in donate section and let me buy some booze to my friends at birthday! :))) Good Night, Good Luck!

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