Hello everyone, today I am sending this new article in order to explain the units that I will be releasing for Cold war on Saturday, I am working on maps so that before the end of the year I can send project Brazil 1.0 to you

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here I will be explaining the function of each unit of the Brazilian army and navy


BOPE - Special Police Operations Battalion The idea of ​​a group of police officers specifically trained to act in extreme risk and rescue situations. they are usually formed by COMMANDS, COMAMF, Special Forces, etc. Bope training is one of the most effective in the world, the police team is recognized as one of the most lethal in the world.

Comandos - Comandos is the designation given to an elite troop belonging to one of the armed forces, highly trained and qualified to operate in special quick missions in circumstances and environments that are inappropriate or contraindicated for the use of other elements of the regular forces, being able to fulfill a wide variety of missions and tasks, tactical or strategic. Among the missions performed by a commando troop are counterguerrilla operations, in addition to direct actions that require high shock power.

Comanf - The Special Operations Battalion of the Marine Corps, known as Batalhão Tonelero, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, is the military unit of the Amphibious Commands (COMANF), an elite group of the Marine Corps of the Brazilian Navy. These are Marines specifically prepared to plan, conduct and execute Special Operations, Clandestine Operations, Urban Combat, Special Amphibious Reconnaissance, Amphibious Land Force Guidance, Advanced Air, Weapons Support Conducting, Counterguerrilla, Counterterrorism, Guided Search and Rescue Combat (CSAR). , Demarcate amphibious landing zones, Direct Actions (Command Actions), and training of friendly, national and international troops/forces. Its team is prepared to work in an environment: Urban, Serrano, Caatinga, Cerrado, Jungle, Pantanal.

CIGs - The Jungle War Instruction Center (CIGS), with the historical name Centro Coronel Jorge Teixeira, is a military organization of the Brazilian Army based in the city of Manaus, destined to qualify military commanders of small fractions as jungle warriors, capable of carrying out missions of a military nature in the most inhospitable areas of the Brazilian Amazon Forest, as well as in environments of the same nature.

Its historic designation is a tribute to the forerunner of the Center, who would become its first commander, better known as "Teixeirão". Jungle Operations Courses are taught, in seven different categories, in addition to jumping to military and also to civilian institutions. Its symbol is the jaguar.

GRUMEC - The Combat Divers Group, popularly known as GRUMEC, is a military unit of Special Operations and Counterterrorism of the Brazilian Navy. With doctrine similar to that of US Navy SEALs and the Special Boat Service, their role is to infiltrate, unnoticed, coastal, riverside or land areas, and perform tasks such as reconnaissance, sabotage and destruction of strategically valuable targets.

Marines - The marine is a member of the Brazilian Navy belonging to the infantry corps. In other words, it is an elite combatant specializing in operations on land and on the high seas.

Marines snaks - sea snakes are not special units of the navy, but a unit that has already been integrated into the most recent and current project of the armed forces, project cobra, what is project cobra? It is a project that came to improve the equipment and weapons of the Brazilian Armed Forces, the marines are a priority in this project because they will be more active in communities and operations.

fab - Brazilian Armed Forces, it's our army, our army is focused on tanks, armored vehicles and operations vehicles, we have our army, but the power of the army is currently more focused on war vehicles

como surgiu a continencia milita

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