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"The Outside: Uncertain Reailty "is a Action-RPG 2D sandbox, in wich you are Ixten who wakes with amnesia in a kind of medieval town totally walled, without entry and where everything seems strange.

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The Outside: Uncertain Reality

Combat System:

Today we want to talk about a really important element of “The Outside” our action RPG game. In which, obviously, the combat system is a crucial element that differ from the rest of the game of the same genre, as The Outside combines mechanics from MOBA games, The Legend of Zelda and Darksouls. It results in a tactic and frenetic fight, where the player must be attentive to dodge, attack at the correct moment and be ready to keep fighting.

Another important aspect, is that it doesn’t have any “Character’s Class” which in other games it only restricts the gameplay, in the other hand we choose object-based system, that allows to modify the player’s stats and skills, that way the player will develop their own combat style.

Our character could carry 1 main weapon, which will have 1 basic attack and 3 extra abilities, in a similar way to the MOBA games; beside the player could add up to 3 secondary weapons with only the basics attacks of them; they could also choose 2 more character’s unique abilities that will be unlock during the course of the game.

One of the include aspect is the knocked system, implementing in all our characters. Including a “Resistance” variable, which reduce when the player get hit and when it is equal to 0, this character will be K.0. temporality. So that the player would like, of course, to avoid being knocked and to do so to their enemies attacking and doing combos.

We remind you that The Outside is in beta phase with 5 game hours. Where you can download here:

Even though it’s only available in Spanish, we’re working right now translating this (like in this entry for example).

Remember, you can support us in our Facebook page:

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