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A small introduction to the vast fan-made universe of The Eagle and the Radiant Cross.

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The Background

The Eagle and The Radiant Cross is a series of modules created for the world of Calradia in Mount and Blade. It features an extensive universe, lore and artwork, in no small part due to its unique mixture of factions - whether influenced by various works of fantasy or inspired by some real-world analogue. Initially created by D'Sparil with help from its fan-base and beer, The Eagle and the Radiant Cross has captured the imagination of many players interested in pike and shot style of gameplay.

The Factions


  • Background: Reminiscent of the 16th-18th century Polish. Primarily a cavalry nation, it has the famed Winged Hussars, heavy lancers that can cut through a formation easily. It is supported by mediocre infantry and other cavalry units, though it does have a few Nirdamese refugees at its disposal.
  • Ruler: Prince-Sovereign Istvan Alexei (Calradian representative)
  • Lore: Opening its arms to the Nirdamese refugees as well as separatist nobles from the Tsardom, the Duchy fields armies of arquebusiers, famed hussars, scythemen and Nirdam refugee bowmen. Bordering the territory of the Ormeli Empire, the Tsardom and the Union, the Duchy has thrown itself into the war that has engulfed Calradia. The only way out will be victory.


  • Background: Based on 17th Century Sweden/Scandinavia with hints at the Kalmar Union. It uniquely consists of three "sub-factions", which represent the major countries of the Union. The Haelmarian Army consists of Colonial Militia as well as mediocre pikemen and long-ranged musketeers. They are supported by medium Hackapells.
  • Ruler: Crown Prince Johann IV Eirik (Calradian representative)
  • Lore: Formed from the splintered states of Haelmar, Nordland and Berthe, the Haelmar Union has a long history of war.Now its Crown Prince and the Haelmarian Expeditionary Force has invaded Calradia. Arming troops from all three factions, each lord has a well-trained army of pikemen, musketeers and hackapells. The three factions can be identified by their uniforms: The Haelmarians wear blue, the Nords yellow and the Berthe black. Colonial troops are recruited as fodder by the lords. The well disciplined, well trained and brave men of the Union will stop at nothing to regain their former glory and defeat their foes, especially their age-old enemy, the Laurians.


  • Background: Equivalent to the Holy Roman Empire. The core of their armies are dense blocks of pikemen supported by Doppelsoldners and heavily-armored knights.
  • Ruler: Emperor Sigismund Augustus
  • Lore: Formerly an Ellis province, Swadia has now changed a lot. Emerging as a petty kingdom, they reorganized as a powerful empire, after the loss of the ancestral capital of Nibelheim to the Nords in the end of the 13th century. The bulk of the army is composed of grim landsknechts, “servants of the country”, professional soldiers, who have also served in foreign wars as mercenaries. The nobility is also a powerful military arm, riding in massive, armored horses, trampling everything in its path. They are led by Emperor Sigismund Augustus, "The Mad Prince". Thought to be bewitched as a child because of his strange behavior, the rumors faded after he was blessed by a Swadian priest, and seemed to recover. However the loss of his wife and only son have once again poisoned his soul. The Emperor sinks deeper into madness each day.


  • Background: Based on Prussia during the unification of Germany. The Imperial way of war is unique, in that it revolves around lines of gunpowder infantry and has no dedicated melee infantry troops whatsoever.
  • Ruler: Kaiser Frederick Wilhelm
  • Lore:The Imperial State is one of the two former Ellisian provinces of Swadia. However, unlike their brothers from the Holy Swadian Empire, they are not interested in religion and dominance of the world in the name of some deity. They are extremely nationalistic, and if Calradia is to be conquered, it will be done in the name of the Kaiser, and repopulated by State subjects afterwards.


  • Background: Based on the native Spanish Kingdom during the late Renaissance. The armies of Lauria use the same style of warfare as the Swadians, forming their lines around blocks of pikemen.
  • Ruler: Queen Imelda Loeher
  • Lore: The Laurian mainland lies to the north, across the Obello sea. Formerly a peaceful kingdom, it has rearmed itself with the ascension of the Loeher dynasty to the throne. They have launched a full scale invasion of northern Calradia, in an attempt to gain full control of the Obello Sea. Arriving in the northern coast, they have destroyed the last nord remnants, and established themselves in the ancient Swadian capital of Nibelheim. Queen Imelda Loeher is the first woman to rule the kingdom. Despite this their subjects are fiercely loyal to her, as she has proven to be a ruler of great capability, both in politics and war. The Laurian military has emulated and perfected the Swadian way of war, their armies are feared and respected. On many occasions whole units of soldiers and mercenaries have deserted upon watching the Laurian army deployed and ready for battle.


  • Background: With huge blocks of heavy infantry supported by lighter auxiliaries, the Lion Throne resembles the Roman Empire on steroids. Occupies former Ellisian territory after the downfall of the Ellisian Empire and the burning of its Emperor at the stake being its excuse for invasion.
  • Ruler: Pope Saldian / Mondo, First Deva of Filaharn (Calradian representative)
  • Lore: "The scourge of Calradia" as it has been called, the Lion Throne is a papal body ruling over a large theocratic Empire to the south. Continental in size, the Throne has the largest, best equipped, and best trained army the known world has ever seen: the Brigade Of The Radiant Cross. In three campaigns they have claimed the southern continent for Filaharn. Next to the Brigade march the auxiliaries, people from all around the massive Throne lands, united by their faith in Filaharn. Above all lies Pope Saldian. Thought by many to be a demigod, he speaks only to the Devas and the King Priests.


  • Background: A force based on the Medieval Ottoman Empire. A mix of horse archers and heavy cavalry supported by the Janissaries.
  • Ruler: Padishah Bayezid Yildirim
  • Lore: The Ormeli tribe were a vassal of the Khergit Empire. From them they learned and perfected the use of horse archery, while keeping the production and use of their traditional heavy armour, and barding for horses. When the Khergit attempted an invasion of the Lion Throne they left the Ormeli on the north. They could simply not understand just how powerful the Pope's military was, and so they called only the Long-Guo for the campaign, thinking that it would be enough to get a hold of the eastern Throne provinces. The Khergit forces were destroyed, and the Khan himself was captured and brought in chains to the holy city of Galius, where he was promptly executed after he spit on the Fifth Deva's face. The turmoil that followed within the Khergit empire allowed the Ormeli to break free. Bayezid struck quickly, and seized the khanate's lands of the north. For such a quick action he was nicknamed "Yildirim", "The Tundherbolt".


  • Background: Based on Russia at the time of Ivan IV Vasilyevich. The Vaegir army favors masses of armored men wielding large berdiches supported by the semi-professional Strelsy.
  • Ruler: Tsar Feodor Grozny
  • Lore: Emerging from the ashes of the Dual Monarchy, the Vaegir Tsardom has surprisingly managed to become a respectable contender for its rivals. The eradication of the non-Vaegir people has created a feeling of nationalism that keeps pushing the Vaegir Army forward. Tsar Feodor is considered a extraordinary statesman, despite his cruelty. He rules as an autocrat, and his word is law. His people call him the great. His enemies call him "Grozny", "The Terrible". On the battlefield the Vaegirs deploy a deadly combination of heavy cavalry and infantry, supported by the Streltsi, the only professional, full-time soldiers of the Tsardom, created by emulating the Imperial State Army.

The Story

It has been many years since the Laurian invasion of northern Calradia. Queen Imelda's idea of capturing the port towns has proven a much more difficult task than she had anticipated. Yet she has no intention of giving up. The occupation of those cities would provide Lauria with complete control of the Obello sea. Two men stand in her way: King Leiss of the Dual Monarchy, and Kaiser Frederick Wilhelm of the Imperial State. Knowing that the Imperial State stands strong, she directs her forces towards the Dual Monarchy, weakened by Khergit incursions and constant internal struggle. The Laurian army, numerous, professional and cohesive, strike a decisive victory against the Kingdom army near the town of Wercheg. King Leiss is killed in battle, struck by an arrow in the eye. The Vaegir cavalry flee, and the Nirdamesse bowmen, left behind without protection, are massacred by the Laurian infantry.

The death of King Leiss leaves the Dual Monarchy heirless. However Feodor, Duke of Zenislev, acts quickly to seize power. Blaming the Nirdamesse for the defeat at Wercheg, he storms the palace with his Boyars and puts all the non Vaegir to the sword. In less than a year he sits on the throne and orders the deportation of all the non Vaegir people from the Dual Monarchy. Massive pogroms ensue. Those who resist are executed. The Nobility crowns him as Tsar Feodor The Great. The rest calls him Feodor Grozny, "The Terrible". A new era for the east begins.

Imelda has no time to enjoy her victory. Wilhelm has no intention of sitting back and watch Lauria grow stronger. The Imperial State put many of its resources into building a powerful Navy, in an open challenge to Lauria for control of the Obello Sea. The Reich declares war on the Laurian Kingdom, and its army marches east.

But someone is watching, as war breaks out in the north. Sigismund Augustus "The Mad Prince" has been waiting for an opportunity like this for years. The Ellis Empire lies at his mercy. His spies have informed him that the Khergit Khanate has been using the Long Guo to raid the Lion Throne's eastern frontier, and so nothing but a single division of the Brigade of the Radiant Cross remains in Ellis. No match for the whole military power of Swadia.

The combined armies of all the Swadian lords march to the south west.

Nikephoros dons his armor, and Zepyulos, the Spear of God, as he and his Legions head to the north to meet their enemies. The desperate letters he sent to the Pope have not been answered. The Brigade has left Ellis, and headed south to fight an invasion. He is alone. Weeks later the armies clash. By the end of the battle, the once proud Legions, conquerors of the world, are no more. A bleeding Nikephoros is brought to Sigismund. He takes the Laurel Crown from the Ellisian Emperor, and places it on his head. Sigismund leaves a garrison to keep control of Ellis, in the charge of his son, the Imperial Prince Maximilian, and heads back to Swadia.

A week later, to the horror of all of Calradia and beyond, Nikephoros is burned at the stake in Marienburg, for embracing the Filaharnic faith, and refusing to accept Sigismund as head of the Calradian Church. This will prove to be the mad Holy Swadian Emperor's biggest mistake, and all of Calradia will suffer because of it.
Some weeks later, a comet is seen on the swadian sky, a bad omen say the sages.

Months go by till suddenly the Swadian garrison of Jamiche Castle spots a cloud of dust in the horizon, and a strange gleaming.A week later Sigismund receives an urgent report. Jamiche castle and its surrounding villages have been taken by the armies of the Lion Throne, the garrison captured and flayed alive, each one of them, their skins later sent to Emperor Sigismund.

Three weeks later all of the Ellisian conquered towns, villages and castles now belong to the Lion Throne. But that's not the worst news. His son, Prince Maximilian has been captured, his arms and legs broken, his tongue cut off. Still alive, he has been thrown down a cliff in the wilderness, and agonized for three days before dying, his corpse later ravaged by wolves.

Upon hearing the news Sigismund's wife, Empress Adelheid, suffers a stroke and dies two days later. Sigismund sinks deeper into madness. The Pope closes his gloved hand on a map of the continent.

The face of Calradia is about to change, forever.


The year is 1500. The war over Calradia has come to a stalemate. The Lion Throne has been unable to capture Vienna, the Swadians have halted their advance despite their Emperor's ever growing madness. The Court physicians have lost all hope of recovery for Sigismund, he claims that he is now following the voice of God. Yet somehow the Empire is able to withstand wave after wave of Brigadiers, thanks to its heavily fortified cities.

The Haelmar Union have been imposing control over the eastern leftovers of the Dual Monarchy, rebuilding ruined towns and establishing colonies with the hope of increasing commerce in the wasteland, with the hopes of weakening Lauria on this front.

The Grand Duchy have embraced the Nirdamese refugees, only to use them as an excuse to wage war on the Tsardom.

Lauria is still engaged on a seemingly never-ending bloody warfare with the Imperial State, both at land at sea, with the occasional attack of the Union at northern Calradia and eastern Bermia.

The Ormelis are growing in numbers and power and with the recent Khergit setbacks, an invasion from them seems unlikely. Yet the Padishah faces difficult choices if he wishes to expand his power: either west and face the incredible might of the Lion Throne, east and face the rising Duchy, or south and face the Khan in an war that could last decades, for a truce in that front is impossible.

Deep into the south the divine Saldian grows impatient. The situation in the north has grown from a simple small-scale engament to gain access to the Obello sea to a clear total war that shakes the very belief on Filaharn's ultimate victory. He has started to doubt Mondo's capabilities and so he recalls the Third Deva from the now secure eastern front and dispaches her to the north. Mondo's hate for her is well known to the Pope, so he sees this as a clear sign that he must be victorious, or his head will roll. But Saldian doesn't stop there. Captured State and Ormeli engineers have promised the Pope the construction of a formidable weapon, a cannon so big and powerful that it would be capable of bombarding Vienna and Nibelheim from the high hills of Lerna.

In early 1500 the construction of the "Aurora Cannon" begins on the province of Gunther-Piedmont. An era draws to its close.

The Timeline

- Battle of Lubnie

- Second Battle of Braclaw

- The Duchies of Upper and Lower Lorraine (Swadia Ulterior) split from the Holy Swadian Empire during the Swadian Civil War.

- Unification of the North Obello states of Nord-Berthe and the Kingdom of Haelmar under Margaret of Haelmar to form the Haelmar Union.

- Saldian becomes Pope and Lion Throne expansionism goes on overdrive.

- The Battle of Zena. The Haelmar Union begins to exert its influence over Eastern Bermian as the Haelmarian Armed Forces rearm in secret.

- The Kingdom of Laurian under Imelda starts to annex Bermian after the efforts of her ancestors are stymied by Bermianese and Haelmarian resistance.

1490 - Chapter I
- Brigade of the Radiant Cross is sent to aid Ellis.
- The Kingdom of Lauria invades Swadia Citerior and captures Nibelheim.

1495 - Chapter II
- Death of King Leiss.
- Collapse of the Dual Monarchy.
- Foundation of the Tsardom of Vaegirs.
- Imperial State launches the Kurfurst Ulrick, the first half-ironclad.
- Ormelis start to emerge as the dominant power in the Calradian Steppes.
- Fall of Ellis.
- Nikephoros is burnt at the Stake.
- Deaths of Prince Maximilian and Empress Adelheid of the Holy Swadian Empire.
- The Lion Throne takes over the former Ellisian lands.
- The Grand Ducal House of Rurik-Orla is formally established as the Grand Duchy attempts to fill the power vacuum in the east of the former Dual Monarchy.

- Johann IV Eirik becomes King of Haelmar.

- Haelmar invades the Eridanian Republic and forces a dictated peace on them.

1500 - Chapter III
- Arrival of the HEF.
- Construction of the Aurora Cannon starts.
- Hengest the Elder becomes one of the candidates for the Marshalship after Harhengothus' Pyrrhic Victory at Etrosq.
- The Grand Duchy becomes more involved in Calradian affairs.
- The Laurian Armada loses dominance of the Southern Obello to the Kaiserliche Marine and the Haelmarian Navy.

- Fulburg-Magdeburg completes the first Battle Wagon prototypes and On The Use of Battle Wagons And the Halting of Their Development is sent to the Emperor.

- The Gray Brotherhood attempts to sabotage the Aurora Cannon but fails epicly.

- Hengest the Elder becomes Field Marshal
- First Major deployment of the Swadian Battle Wagons in a charge near Grunwalder Castle with relative success.

- Chapter IV, Siege of Vienna

- The Haelmar Union becomes the second Calradian nation to settle in the New World.

The Lore

To view the extensive list of fan-made lore, universe expansions and codices, follow this link.

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