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Some Ideas for this submode (Dune - Total War, Laandsraad Edition)

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It would have been awesome to see a mod (Landsraad - A Dune Total War) that is like an expansion of the original game. A modd where the different houses of the books with their own superweapons and sub-houses are fighting for control of the planet Dune like:
House Atreides
House Harkonnen
House Ordos (not mentioned in the books)
House Moritani
House Ecaz
House Vernius
House Taligari
House Richese
House Ix (independent house)
House Novebruns
House Mutelli
House Ginaz
House Hagal
House Fenring

To get inspiration, check out this link on Steam where someone has created a Dune submode for the game "Stellaris" where the Great Houses are presented as well as their special features to borrow some ideas.

Now wouldn't this be something!?


If the Dune movie sells good, it might re-open game design possibilities and maybe we'll get a fresh new title(s).

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