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The Cursed Zone: Stalker-Epos - New Factions List™ by TheR3MAK3R®

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"Stalkers" - are the bulk of the population of the „Zone“, and you can join them. The main occupation of scavengers is the search and sale of artifacts, as well as any other things of potential value - ,,Habar''. As a consequence, they are extremely dependent on traders who often use stalkers for their business and personal purposes. Less hired for work, for example, the protection of a scientific laboratory. They walk alone, or join in small groups from 2 to 5 people. They can not in the full sense be considered a grouping, since they do not have a single leader, but from time to time they can be combined into large detachments with veteran commanders. Armament is diverse, "Stalkers" in the "Zone" attract a variety of motives. Enrichment, thirst for adventure, the urge to learn the unknown, the desire to start life from scratch. As a rule, in each case all these factors act simultaneously. Some "Stalkers" may eventually join "Legion" or "Head Hunters", but most singles do not tolerate any control over themselves and prefer to be masters to themselves, even without communicating with the rest of the stalkers, while maintaining a neutral relationship with all groupings. The main source is "Stalkers“ departure is the collection of "Habar". Artifacts, parts of monsters, weapons and things of stalkers who died. Very often, it may be very profitable to carry out different tasks of traders, scientists, representatives of factions or the same stalkers. However, for a considerable part of the time, stalkers prefer to crowd around bars or campfires, listening to stories and anecdotes and playing the guitar. As a rule, all the legendary stalkers are loners. In fact everything is simple. To be a stalker means to be a man. Help a comrade in a hard moment, do not rats, do not commit to to share a aid kit or a piece of bread, to cover your back in battle, to share a night's lodging at the fire. And the main enemy for us now is the bandit scum that only does that parasitizes our stalker on our brother. Well some of the stalkers have special jobs, they are looking for a hub not in the open air but on the ground and under the ground. They are called diggers. Due to the knowledge of the arrangement of many dungeons in the "Zone" they spend almost all time digging up holes leading to the rich place, or to a terrible death by an unknown miracles of the „Zone“. Bringing a lot of interesting information and swag from various subsurface. Members occur throughout the "Zone", and can get into places where the supervisor boars did not go. Others are already specialized into the hunting, and do this professionally and/or for money. They are called hunters. They know any monsters that the "Zone" have to offer, the hunters are main resources for bringing examples to the "Scientists" into the world of the "Zone".


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"Bandits" - are members of the criminal underworld who came to the "New Zone" for different reasons: To make some money by selling artifacts, hide from the law or trading weapons etc. The "New Zone" Is full of bandits, ranging from common thugs to serious criminals, most of whom are members of one gang or another. Although the gangs frequently fight among themselves for controlling traffic and marketing itself, the criminal element still poses a serious problem for the normal stalkers around. They are one of the most poorly-equipped factions of the "Zone", usually relying on low-grade weaponry and light armors. Faction was founded by a group of traveling arms dealers, their base Is located on an a spacious ex-biker spot in the ruined area of the city. Theyr base is a notorious place, It is where marauders, gangsters, dezerters, various known criminals, single fighters and those of all sorts from all factions meet to trade weapons, drugs, expensive artifacts and sometimes even slaves. They protect their loot from constant raids by other enemy competitors gangs, groups and the militaries itself sometimes, faction hired some of the most powerful clans of marauders and criminal families from all over the world to provide them with security so as for their customers too. Because history of the growing market is life with internal conflicts, assassinations, and abductions, force is the deciding factor for them and everything In their base. They are typical "Jackals" but with a lot of specializations, they will not ambush you just like that, they make early plans for the attack on you. They kill you and after that robbing you dead body, the main style of them. They can work very clear or total aggressive depends on the situation, even if stalkers are In big groups.


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"Spetsnaz" or the "Ukrainian Special Response Regiments" are elite Special Forces units that are deployed into The "New Zone" In order to conduct rescue operations, surgical strikes, and other special assignments for the "Ukrainian State Security Service". The "Spetsnaz" are the equivalent in terms of experience to the veteran and expert stalkers of the zone, they are specially trained to operate in the zone and know about it's way and dangers, while having superior combat training and military equipment, and numerical superiority as they tend to deploy in either squad or platoon-strength. "Spetsnaz" may also employ aerial and mechanised support in the form of "Mi-24 Hind Gunships" and "BTR-70" APCs on occasion, exemplified in the assault on the "Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant". In the broadest sense "Spetsnaz" may refer to any military "Special Forces" units operating under the "Ukrainian Government". Although most "Spetsnaz" operators come from the "Ukrainian Military", there are "New Zone" stalkers who are contracted by the military to serve as "Military Stalkers". These "Soldiers" represent some of the most valuable assets the military possesses in the "New Zone", as they are highly skilled in combat and are well-versed in the ways of the "Zone". "Spetsnaz" are deployed into the most hazardous combat zones deep within the "New Zone", and in some cases they may be accompanied by mechanised and/or aerial support. They are deployed normally at difficult to control critical locations.


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"Ecologists" - are government-funded researchers operating into the "New Zone". The faction operating under orders from the "Ukrainian Government" and the cover of the "United Nations", "Ecologists" are a group focusing on researching the "New Zone", in order to properly harness it's potential for the good of mankind. Their main base of operations Is In the areas around "Pripyat", In the "Jupiter Research Institute". The Institute Is filled with scientific apparatuses and a steady supply of weapons and ammunition from the government. The head researcher is Professor Sakharov, a veteran Ecologist, who participated in the first expeditions into the "Exclusion Zone" back In 2007. Some of the faction operators conducted an experiment to study psi effects through the "Noosphere". Faction members tried to find a solution to this problem, as a result of which a dispute arose, because of which they were divided into 2 groups: The first believed that it was necessary to study the emerging of "Zone" and coexist with It, and the second - to restrain the flow of energy "Noosphere" and try to control them. The first group went to the "New Zone Backyard". And they settled in the "Swamps" In the northwest part in some abandoned village. With the influx of people, the number of the group increased and the base was equipped. Over time, the area around the base was better studied, local guides began to appear, who also played the role of reconnaissance. All its members try to hide from other enemies in rugged territories. Often keep in touch with other factions stalkers and some of traders. Faction haves many followers, among whom there are even fewer experienced professionals who marched into the "Zone" some days ago. Womens are also sometimes found among the members of this faction, you won't see faction members in a bar or on the roadside. It is noteworthy that "Ecologists" try to go out on raids sometimes, but mostly at night because of the many mutants and dangerous creatures around. For obvious reasons they malicious enemies are the stalkers from "The Corporation" faction. They fighting them mostly with the help of "Spetsnaz" units, operating around the perimeter of the "New Zone".


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"Equality" - are a faction that consists of survivors who have collected into groups, thus hoping to increase their chances for survival, adapting to aggressive environmental conditions. Survivors were so scarce that their forces were too few to continue the resistance against the "New Zone". While humans used to dominate It, now it’s down to fight for the right of existence within this hostile environment, alongside the dangerous beasts and entire ecosystems. Faction's survivors, while travelling over the territories were halted by the elements, and considered it necessary to set up camp in the vicinity of a former settlement. There they have seen other survivors in need of help. Thus, in this safe area people formed a separate group where they had more chances of survival. They became known as "Equality". It is a venue where loners gather together for a better chance of survival. Founded by an unknown group of international scavengers who found a safe place not far from a previously populated city, more scavengers eventually arrived and joined the camp. So "Equality" members were the first to face the dangers of the "New Zone" and that is reflected in their equipment. Due to their way of living, they cannot produce the equipment themselves. All that they wear is either found, exchanged or perhaps patched and improved manually by themselves. Mostly the factions' gear is aimed to increase their ability to survive within the tough ecological and anomalous environment. They are not the experienced of fighters, so they prefer more stealthy tactics when it comes to combat. As such, group are good at scouting, hunting artifacts and can become proficient as snipers.


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Faction "Legion" Is a group of stalkers who decided to proclaim the independence of the „Exclusion Zone“, and the creation of a single state on this earth. The „Legion“ Is a political, scientific, and militaristic organization that is descended directly from members of the pre-war "Chernobyl Exclusion Zone" and claims to be the legally-sanctioned continuation of the government, while also styling themselves and their overall demeanor as such: The „Legion“ Is comprised of (mostly) ancestral descendants of top-ranking officers of the „Army“, „Spetsnaz" (and most notably, the last standing ex-liutenant and elite members of various branches of the militaries), as well as a few others such as those who had considerable ties and/or sway with powerful command that worked closely with the „Military Stalkers". Arisen when the higher military command decided to conduct special operations on the territory of the „New Zone“. So simple militaries wasn't enough for this, they just didn't fit, since to train the whole army to survive in the harsh conditions of the „New Zone“ It was impossible. And for the "Legion“ they did not spare any weapons or equipment, but only selected people, with combat and scientific experience. Members are recruited among stalkers and soldier's elites, which received special training and bunch of equipment for their goals. The faction Is also very interested in studying the consequences and causes of the catastrophe, mapping most of the anomalies around. Faction's squads can walk both singly and in groups of up to six stalkers with a commander, meet simple stalkers with warning fire in rarely cases, they try to stay in neutral position most of the time. Faction's members are sent to several objects of interest all around the "New Zone", In the place of great catastrophe, a lost research institute, old military base, etc. For example: Members of "Legion“ on the territory of the „Agroprom Scientific Research Institute“ are studying residual radiation and local anomalies and cleaning areas from mutants, by obey orders of the commander in-charge.


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"Nomads" - sometimes "Druids" are a faction coming from Belarusian border of the "Zone", faction that believes that the "Zone" is a living organism, deny electronics. - It is believed that electronics attracts various negative phenomena of the "New Zone", such as mutants, anomalies, etc. Despite the lack of devices inherent in ordinary single stalkers, they successfully survive in the "New Zone". An amazing feature of this faction is contact with the living world, mutants in rare exceptions try to attack them, in the same way "Nomads/Druids" have learned to tame some types of mutants (in particular - pseudo-dogs and blind dogs). They strive to maintain the "Live Balance" of the "Zone", prevent the hunt for Mutants. What makes them different from the other factions is that they have learned to live in harmony with the new world. They‘re main base is located nearby the most northern border of the "Chernobyl Zone". Many other stalkers don't understand how It could come about that faction could be located close to the very border with the radioactive zones of "Nuclear Power Plant". But rather than being scared, they learned to live in harmony with it, their main idea is that the "New Zone" isn't always a dangerous and uncontrollable place to be. As opposed to just simple survival, they treat it as a religion. They are very positive and happy peoples that the Zone's have to offer you. They have no different goals then the normal loners and rookies who came to the Zone for money for work, hunting artefacts and many other different things. They aren‘t staying In one place for long time and very often for more than 2 weeks, but If the one's chose to stay, they stay and protect themselves and their friends together until the very end. They are the best collectors of toxic artefacts, best of the bestest fishermans, good hunters and gunslingers. They have their own symbolism-like things that simply cannot be explained rationally and they use artifacts very frequently. They are known to believe that in the near future, mankind will be able to live in harmony with this new world and the "Zone" itself too. So they defend their believes, convince other forces of that and demonstrate by their own example. They trying to reborn as a free clan not bad but powerful clan. They are nature boys who wants the freedom for the „New Zone“, free entrance and freedom to all the nature and animal life In It. Representatives of this group are mostly neutral to other factions around, they are aggressive towards other factions thats trying to to destroy the "Animals" and the "Zone" itself. And for this reason their main enemy is "The Corporation" as well as "Ecologists", "Marauders" and the two "Mercenary" units operate In the "Chernobyl Exclusion Zone".


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"Mercenaries" - a group, is a syndicate that performs tasks to order. The main specialization is the murder of people and the search for documents. Some people constantly use the services of mercenaries: professionals in their field, they will quickly deal with any stalker and can even completely eliminate a small group. They know the "New Zone" and its offspring worse than an ordinary tramp and often perish where a green novice would notice danger. But as for the war with people - they know a lot about it. And their services, apparently, take considerable amounts of money or artifacts. Among the mercenaries, representatives of PMCs are not uncommon, including a groups of foreign special forces from European Union and Russian Federation long away to the Far East or United States of America. Group history shrouded in total mystery, separate small groups appeared almost from the very inception of the "Zone" to carry out large orders "From Outside". The Ideology and hierarchy Is simply as that: - Nothing personal...Just money. They are the real thugs, ready to do almost any job for money. They trade in contract killings, and do not hesitate to rob stalkers. There is no clear hierarchy, since a faction is a network of major disparate groups and big detachments, sometimes hostile to each other. Relations with other factions: - It all depends on the order at the moment. Perhaps they are cooperating with bandits and some stalkers who often help them in fulfilling some of orders they've got at the moment.


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The "Wagner Group" also known as "PMC Wagner", being the Russian abbreviation for "Private Military Company" Is a Russian paramilitary organization that carries out various contracts from the "Mainland". Faction's contractors have reportedly taken part in various conflicts. Reports In "The New York Times", are of the opinion that "ChVK Wagner" is an arms-length unit of the "Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD)" and/or the "GRU" In disguise, which is used by the "Russian Government" in conflicts where deniability is called for. It is believed that they have base In Ukraine too, somewhere In the Eastern region of Ukraine, close to the Russian border. Hostile to almost all factions, the relationship with the other "Mercenaries" Is unknown. Faction simply do not let anyone close to them and kill anyone who might get in their way. Most stalkers know this very well and prefer not to get involved with them, however, if necessary - shoot to kill, because stalkers perfectly understand that if they do not kill them, "Wagner" will finish them off, quickly and professionally. Numbers In total: - approximately 3900 people throughout the whole "New Zone". The goal Is to find a transition from North-East "Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant" to the "Dead City" and "Chernobyl-2 Anthenna", some of the fighters managed to do It, most of the soldiers control some of the, If not most of "Limansk" teritory under their control. Known fact for faction's members Is that they use only "Russian Arsenal" and "Warsaw Pact" weapons and that they leave no witnesses behind them. But If any other factions stalkers have been lucky enough to kill or injures "PMC Wagner" faction's member, very expensive equipment and no less expensive and powerful artifacts are often found on their bodies, but no personal belongings were ever found with them. However, If stalker managed to kill the commander of a group or even whole detachment. He can find PDA In their baggage with various information, which is very much appreciated among the "Traders" around the "New Zone".


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"The Corporation" - faction engaged in biological and genetic research, that was founded on November 1, 1976 In unknown location. Thanks to it's extensive experience in genetics, the special unit contacted a team of professional scientists and agreement was concluded between the two organizations, according to which a research company will be engaged in the study of viral mind-controling weapons. After the beginning of cooperation with this secret unit, many leading scientists of the world engaged In this research were recruited In „The Corporation". Most of the company's secret research studies were based on the study of „Noosphere". The first testing subject was transferred to one of the research institutes In "Northern Ukraine", located in „Chernobyl Exclusion Zone" the one that's trying to study the structure of the psychotropic virus. The only source of infection was found only by Dimka a.k.a. "Phantom", the head of the department of genetic researching and one of the major members of the faction's combat teams then. His attempt to uncover the truth was brutally suppressed by the employees of "The Corporation". On the next year, a special purpose squad was created for fighting all the ex-members or deserters including Dimka "Phantom" and to destroy them and rest of the company's secret documents too, including information about the viruses at any cost. Officially, this squad does not exist, while its members have complete freedom of action, as well as access to huge military resources and experimental technologies, including information management in order to preserve the secrecy of their activities. If a decision is made to enlist this unit to eliminate an emergency situation, the remaining involved troops and law enforcement agencies are transferred to the full disposal of this secret unit. Each member of "The Corporation" undergoes special training, which allows them to effectively operate in any conditions. At the same time, the faction's command believe that the end justifies the means, therefore, the detachment officers easily go for the use of heavy equipment in urban areas, not paying attention to civilian casualties, and in case the situation can no longer be controlled, they prefer to clear the territory with fire , even if they causing a bombardment in the area.


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"Bandera Group" - consists of criminals and bandits with far-right political views. Bordering on an extreme ultranationalist movement, including trained mercenaries and famous representatives of the underworld. In November 2013, they was part of confederation from several radical nationalist gangs including "Bandits" and gangs of street fighters that participated not once in clashes with Ukrainian and Russian "Spetsnaz" troopers. The bandits-mercenaries coalition became known on 22 March 2014, at which time they claimed to have roughly 800 members into the territory of the "New Chernobyl Exclusion Zone" and 10,000 members all around the whole "Ukrainian" state. This faction's main goal is to create a powerful clan with a clear hierarchy and rules. All faction's members are experienced and trained by the years, strong fighters. In fact, they are the same "Bandits" or "Renegades" who can rob and shoot. Only unlike ordinary bandits, they do everything in an organized manner. Basically they work the same way as most of the "Mercenaries", but they are enemies with them too: - Fast and silent, they identified and destroy anything on their way. They are mainly armed with Ukrainian and Most-Russian arsenal weapons. The equipment is the same as that of the most bandits or marauders. Some may be armed with "VSS Vintorez" and "AS Val/SA Avalanche". Perhaps there are many former mercenaries among the faction's members who have betrayed their clan. This is due to the organization of the gang, according to the newest plot, In 2012 they completely captured the old "Swamps". Completely supplanted the remaining "Clear Sky" troops around this area. So most likely, faction contains members that are remnants of "Renegades" faction who decided to take revenge on the eggheads by joining the new upcoming clan that becomes "Bandera". Group of factions members can attack the "Bandits" near the "ATP", so this means that they are enemies with the other criminal bands too. The faction's last known leader was a former special forces soldier named "Chimera". Today most of the faction's men's working under the control of ex-mercenary leader "Jackal". The cold-blooded, perhaps ruthless, but a man of level. But still, such a respected and valued leader by his comrades and associates.

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