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Puzzle-based games are one of the most popular adventures both for kids and adults. While most jigsaws are boring, this title offers fresh mechanics. You’ll play with balls of different colors. The goal is to match identical ones and put them in 1 flask. One at a time. Sounds simple? Well, it won’t be a couple of levels up! Enjoy the challenge alone or with friends by taking turns and setting a timer.

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Sort It Online is a hooking activity to test your logic. It consists of short rounds and offers complicated puzzles. But the complexity goes up smoothly, preparing you for more demanding riddles. Take as much time to complete them as you need: it’s super relaxing.

How To Set The Things Going?

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Each round offers you several flasks. Some of them are filled or half-filled with orbs, others are empty. Moving them one at a time, you need to categorize them according to their color.

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The controls are designed to be simple even for small kids. You’ll need a mouse or a touchpad. Click/tap on the jar you like. Its content will fly up, waiting for your command where to go. Click/tap again on its destination to see it jump there.

Tips To Make Your Moves Smoother

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Although it’s easy to send balls back and forth, sorting is not always simple. The following info will help you perform better and avoid deadens:

  • Don’t rush into messing the balls. Think of the most optimal way to deliver them to their jars
  • Be careful with colored flasks. Some bottoms are painted in a particular hue. It’s a sign that they won’t accept any orbs
  • Start anew if you’re stuck. There is a special button in the corner for that. It’ll restore the initial layout

Many rounds are waiting to challenge your logical thinking. How far can you get while solving them?

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