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Sort It Online is a relaxing mental challenge designed to scare your boredom away. The title offers players puzzles to solve. They seem so simple: just put balls of the same color in separate flasks. But the difficulty rises with each new round. Will your skills keep up with it? We’ll see!

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If you’re a fan of puzzle adventures, this challenge is for you. You’ll see several flasks on the screen. They’re filled with balls, but someone has mixed different colors and made a mess. Move them back and forth to achieve order. And remember: the further, the more complicated!

How to Play Sort It Online


This title is all about logical thinking. You can move balls one at a time into free spaces. Just click on it to see it fly up. It’ll stay there until you command it where to go. Tap on the flask you want to do this.


When the container is filled with monocolored content, it’ll lighten up. But you can still use its balls if you need. The round is over when you manage to sort all hues to separate jars.

A Few Tips to Help Your Through


Don’t worry, it won’t be difficult right from a start. The complexity will level up gradually. But some things are just useful to know before you dive in:

  • No timer will rush you into wrong decisions
  • Flasks can be of different height
  • A reset button will restore the initial layout if you want to start anew
  • Some jars have colored bottoms, meaning they’ll accept only certain balls (or nothing at all)

Enjoy the challenge alone or play with friends in turns. It’s fun!

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