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Sonic Time Twisted 1.1.2 has now been released for Android, macOS, Ubuntu, and nVidia Shield.

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1.1.0 Build Improvements

  • Overhauled GUI
  • Configurable sound volumes
  • Improved gamepad support and rumble
  • Localization support, with French, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese languages included.
  • Minor graphic improvements
  • Misc. bugfixes and optimizations

Further improvements in 1.1.1

  • Several sprites have been updated, notably some of the Super Sonic ones. Shields obtained as Super Sonic also no longer appear, which was intended.
  • Controls on Android now support wide screen devices (although this did introduce a regression on sliders in menus) .
  • Altered the player's collision mask in Special Stages, hopefully making some jumps more forgiving. Metal Sonic's path in Special Stage 7 past has also been slightly altered to make it easier.
  • Updates to the Brazilian Portuguese translation. Ukrainian has also been added.
  • Fixed several crashes and softlocks.

Further improvements in 1.1.2

  • Improvements to Android support, including the support of screens with an aspect ratio narrower than the game's native one (e.g. tablets) . Device mapping now also supports non-standard buttons and keyboards. The on-screen joystick/D-Pad's radius is now unlimited. The aforementioned regression has been fixed.
  • Italian localization has been added.
  • The object responsible for handling the game's music and sounds has been reworked to behave more consistently.
  • Most fixes in this release are of small bugs and oversights found in various zones. For instance, travelling through an underwater tube in Viridian Valley Zone Act 1 Future no longer sticks the character behind background tiles, some invisible solid blocks have been removed, some walls (including invisible ones) are no longer climbable as Knuckles...
  • Fixed several crashes and softlocks.

Thanks to Nik, Alex Khayrullin and tabularelf for putting this release together.






nVidia Shield

Source Code on Github

stt rrz future

stt aaz future

Hippcelt - - 3 comments

How do you make this full screen ?

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Overbound Author
Overbound - - 5 comments

Options menu or F4

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