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Brief description of the Pirates Über Alles modification.

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Before you is the largest world modification for the game Empire: Total War. Virtually all the game's content has been redesigned and transformed - from graphic changes to changes related to artificial intelligence. Many hundreds of new units of troops have been added, and the playing space has been significantly expanded. The main emphasis of the developers is on the quality of execution and optimization of the gameplay. New campaigns, cultures, factions, technologies, game scenarios, advanced strategic and tactical maps have been added.
The main distinctive feature of this modification is the twelve-year work of the developers to create a certain capability designer, the purpose of which is to satisfy the different tastes of the players. The date of the first release is 28.09.2009.

Пираты Über Alles

Game Launcher
1ETW PUA Экран запускается

So, with the help of the integrated Pirates Launcher, each player can choose not only a campaign to their liking, but also - sound (muskets, cannons, battle sounds), smoke (fire, tracers, etc. - 9 options), combat system (6 options + in combination with formations, the variability increases), playing without walls, playing with walls, different types of formations (buildings before the battle - 6 options), battle deployment maps (with different composition of elements) many strategic and tactical options. You can choose to use or not use the integrated VDM application, which greatly expands the possibilities of game interactions - diplomatic alternatives, intrigues, diseases, cataclysms, an original system for recruiting troops, replenishing and training troops with the help of agents. In general, there is everything that you may need for YOUR game.

2ETW ПУА экран

Экран 3ETW ПУА

6ETW PUA screen



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After installation, do not forget to additionally press the language selection button.

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